尼古拉特斯拉和他在第四维度 (4D) 的非自愿体验

Tesla found that time and space could be broken, or bent, creating a “door” that may lead to other times through his experiments.
尼古拉·特斯拉和他在第四维 (4D) 1 的非自愿体验

1882年, Nikola Tesla discovered the rotating magnetic field, a principle of physics that forms the basis for nearly all devices that use AC power. But while working on his transformer in 1895, Tesla allegedly discovered for the first time that highly charged rotating magnetic fields might alter time and space.

尼古拉·特斯拉和他在第四维 (4D) 2 的非自愿体验
休息时的发明者,带着一个特斯拉线圈(由于双重曝光)。 © 图片来源:维基共享资源

这种见解的一部分源于特斯拉的无线电频率和通过大气传输电能的实验。 多年后,特斯拉的基本发现将导致 臭名昭著的费城实验Montauk time travel programs.

But, long before these top-secret military operations became public, Tesla is said to have made some remarkable secret findings about the nature of time and the real-world prospects for time travel.

特斯拉通过他对高压电场和磁场的实验发现,时间和空间可以被打破或弯曲,创造出一扇可能通向其他时间的“门”。 然而,特斯拉通过这一重大启示的第一手经验了解了时间旅行的真正风险。

It is said that Tesla had his first encounter with time travel on March 13, 1895. On that day, a New York Herald reporter found the inventor in a little bistro, appearing frightened after being zapped by 3.5 million volts:

“我不认为你今晚会找到我一个愉快的伴侣。 事实是,我今天差点死了。 火花在空中跳跃了三英尺,在我的右肩上抓住了我。 要不是我的助手立刻关掉电源,我可能就完蛋了。”

当特斯拉接触到电磁电荷的共振时,他发现自己超出了他的空间/时间参考窗口。 他声称能够同时查看过去、现在和未来。 但他被电磁场固定住了,无法自拔。

Tesla was saved before any major harm was done by his assistant, who turned off the current. Years later, during the 费城实验, a similar incidence occurred. Unfortunately, the sailors engaged were kept outside their space/time frame reference for an inordinate amount of time, which had devastating consequences.

特斯拉的秘密时间旅行实验被传递给了其他不像特斯拉那样关心人类的人。 尼古拉特斯拉因开发了当今大部分技术而备受赞誉。

如果没有特斯拉的创造力,我们就不会有收音机、电视、交流电源、特斯拉线圈、荧光灯、霓虹灯、无线电遥控设备、机器人、X 射线、雷达、微波和数百种其他非凡的创新。 因此,特斯拉研究全球飞行甚至反重力也就不足为奇了。

尼古拉特斯拉(1856-1943)在他的纽约实验室,c。 1910 年,特斯拉是一位塞尔维亚裔美国发明家和工程师,以在交流 (AC) 供电方面的工作而闻名。 © 阿拉米 | 许可证有效期自 15 年 2022 月 XNUMX 日起
尼古拉特斯拉(1856-1943)在他的纽约实验室,c。 1910 年,特斯拉是一位塞尔维亚裔美国发明家和工程师,以在交流 (AC) 供电方面的工作而闻名。 © Alamy图片社

In fact, his most recent invention, issued in 1928, was a flying machine that resembled both a helicopter and an airplane (Apparatus for Aerial Transportation). According to accounts, Tesla developed blueprints for a spaceship engine before his death. 驱动空间anti-electromagnetic field drive, was the name he gave it.

“The world is not ready for this. It is something far beyond our time, but the laws will prevail, and one day they will be a triumphant success.” Whether conspiratorial truths or true conspiracies, the fact is that Tesla would go much further if he wasn’t stopped.

Nikola Tesla, the greatest technological genius of our time, would join forces with Albert Einstein, the greatest theoretical genius of our time, to celebrate a marriage of minds that would undoubtedly unlock the doors to the hidden reality of dimensions.

Because Tesla’s account, in which he claims to have experienced an instant of timelessness (simultaneous vision of the past, present, and future) while immersed in a very strong magnetic field, fits perfectly with 爱因斯坦的相对论, which states that the more space the time is distorted, the more the time factor tends to stand still, or t=0, which means seeing the three dimensions of time, past, present, and future, “at the same time” that is, t=0 (timelessness).

Einstein helped develop the idea of 时空 as part of his theory of relativity. Higher-dimensional spaces (i.e., greater than three) have since become one of the foundations for formally expressing modern mathematics and physics. Large parts of these topics could not exist in their current forms without the use of such spaces. Einstein’s concept of spacetime uses such a 4D space.

Impressively, the combination of Einstein’s concepts and Tesla’s technique would revolutionize the world. But… does the world deserve it? All of this power and science would end up in the wrong hands.

因此,套用特斯拉的话说,世界毫无准备,因为地球的所有者更关心军事力量和资本垄断,而不是文化成长和意识进化。 金钱之神,而不是真理之神,主宰着世界。 这是一个不幸的事实。



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