What really happened to Lars Mittank?

Lars Mittank's disappearance has sparked various theories, including his potential involvement in human trafficking, drug smuggling, or being a victim of organ trafficking. Another theory suggests that his disappearance may be linked to a more secret organization.

In July 2014, a young German man named Lars Mittank vanished without a trace at Varna Airport in Bulgaria. His sudden disappearance, captured on airport security footage, has puzzled investigators and sparked numerous theories. Lars Mittank’s story is one of intrigue and mystery, leaving many wondering what really happened to him.

Lars mittank
A 2013 photo of Lars Joachim Mittank (born February 9, 1986). MRU.INK

The vacation in Bulgaria

What really happened to Lars Mittank? 1
Mittank was 28 years old when he dissappeared in Bulgaria in 2014. X – Eyerys / Fair Use

Lars Mittank’s journey began on June 30, 2014, when he and his friends traveled from Berlin to the picturesque resort town of Golden Sands, Bulgaria. It was supposed to be a month-long vacation filled with relaxation and fun. Mittank, a fan of the football club Werder Bremen, enjoyed the company of his friends and the vibrant atmosphere of the resort. However, things took an unexpected turn.

The bar fight and mysterious encounter

On July 6, Mittank and his friends found themselves in a heated argument with a group of men over their favorite soccer clubs. The disagreement escalated, and Mittank was allegedly attacked by four individuals, resulting in an injured jaw and a ruptured eardrum. His friends witnessed the confrontation but were unable to prevent the altercation. This incident marked the beginning of a series of strange events that would ultimately lead to Mittank’s disappearance.

Paranoid behavior and disturbing phone calls

Following the altercation, Mittank’s behavior took a sudden and unsettling turn. He became increasingly paranoid, convinced that someone was trying to harm him. He checked out of the resort and checked into the Hotel Color Varna, where he made a series of distressing phone calls to his mother, Sandra Mittank. In hushed tones, he expressed his fear of being robbed or killed and urged his mother to cancel his credit cards.

The hotel’s closed-circuit television cameras captured Mittank’s erratic behavior as he paced the hallways, peered out windows, and even hid in an elevator. His actions were indicative of someone in a state of extreme anxiety. These distressing phone calls and his escalating paranoia set the stage for the bizarre events that would unfold.

The fateful day at Varna Airport

Lars mittank
Vargas Airport, Bulgaria. Wikimedia Commons

On July 8, the day Mittank was scheduled to fly back to Germany, he arrived at Varna Airport. He sought medical advice from Dr. Kosta Kostov, the airport doctor, regarding his ear injury and the prescribed antibiotic medication. Kostov deemed him fit to travel and reassured him that he would be fine. However, Mittank’s doubts about the medication persisted, and his anxiety reached a boiling point.

Witnesses reported that Mittank abruptly stood up from his chair in the doctor’s office and exclaimed, “I don’t want to die here. I have to get out of here.” He fled the office, leaving behind all his belongings, including his wallet, cell phone, and passport. Security cameras captured his desperate escape as he ran through the airport, climbed a fence, and disappeared into a nearby forest, never to be seen again.

The search and theories for Lars Mittank

Lars mittank
Lars Mittank’s mother holding a photo of him. She still continues to seek leads on her son’s disappearance. X – Magazine79 / Fair Use

In the aftermath of Mittank’s disappearance, extensive searches were conducted in the surrounding area, but no trace of him was found. The case attracted significant attention, with the airport’s CCTV footage garnering millions of views on YouTube. Despite the widespread publicity and the efforts of law enforcement agencies, the fate of Lars Mittank remains unknown.

Mittank’s disappearance has spawned a multitude of theories, each attempting to uncover the enigma that surrounds his vanishing act. While none of these theories have been definitively proven, they provide possible explanations for what may have transpired on that eventful day.

Psychological breakdown and paranoia

What really happened to Lars Mittank? 2
2014 CCTV footage from the Bulgarian airport showing Lars Mittank running out of the buildings. YouTube Still/Missing People CCTV Footage / Fair Use

One prevalent theory suggests that Mittank experienced a severe psychological breakdown triggered by the head injury sustained during the altercation. This theory asserts that his sudden outburst at the airport was a manifestation of extreme paranoia and a desperate attempt to escape imagined dangers. The theory further posits that Mittank may have wandered into the wilderness in a state of confusion and ultimately succumbed to the elements.

What really happened to Lars Mittank? 3
2014 CCTV footage from the Bulgarian airport showing Lars Mittank outside the building and runing towards the woods and eventually dissappeared. YouTube Still/Missing People CCTV Footage / Fair Use

It is also speculated that his medication may have caused paranoia and unusual behavior. Some suggest he may have had a mental disorder, but his family denies any history of mental illness.

Criminal involvement and foul play

Another theory focuses on the possibility of criminal involvement and foul play. It suggests that the altercation at the resort town was a prelude to a more sinister plot. According to this theory, Mittank’s attackers may have had connections to criminal organizations, and his disappearance was a result of their efforts to silence him or exact revenge. This theory, however, lacks concrete evidence and remains speculative.

A victim of human or organ trafficking

Other sources suggest Lars Mittank may have been a victim of human or organ trafficking in Bulgaria, a country known for its high rates of such incidents. There are theories that the men who attacked Mittank were involved in drug or organ trafficking and may have been pursuing him for this purpose. It has also been suggested that Mittank or his friends were involved in drug smuggling.

Some theories propose that Mittank may have been hallucinating because he was talking drugs, committed suicide due to mental illness, encountered an accident in the forest, or perhaps planned his own disappearance intentionally. However, due to the lack of evidence in the case it’s likely impossible to prove any of these theories.

Espionage and witness protection

A more far-fetched theory proposes that Lars Mittank stumbled upon information or witnessed something he was not meant to see. This theory speculates that his disappearance was orchestrated by intelligence agencies or a witness protection program, aiming to erase any trace of his existence to protect him or prevent the disclosure of classified information. While intriguing, this theory also lacks substantial evidence to support its claims.

Final words

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A flier seeking information on Lars Mittank’s disappearance still circulates on social media. Find Lars Mittank / Facebook / Fair Use

Lars Mittank’s case has become one of the most famous missing person cases on YouTube, captivating the attention of millions of viewers worldwide. His story continues to be shared and discussed, with people hoping for a lead that may shed light on his fate. The haunting image of Mittank fleeing the airport has left an indelible mark on those who have come across his story.

To this day, the case remains a baffling enigma, shrouded in uncertainty and unanswered questions. While theories abound, the truth behind Lars Mittank’s fate continues to elude investigators. Until answers are found, his story serves as a poignant of the mysterious and unpredictable nature of human existence.

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