Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children

On every continent, there are incredible stories of children so advanced that some believe they have come from the stars.

The “Starchild Skull” is an odd-looking ancient skull that has perplexed researchers since its discovery in 1920. Some believe it is a human child’s skull, while others believe it is a human-alien hybrid. Whereas many claim that it sprang from a pure alien.

Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 1
The Starchild Skull © History

Before we get into the details about “Starchild Skull,” we need to know about a secret human race called the “Star Children.”

The Star Children

On every continent, there are incredible stories of children so advanced that some believe they have come from the stars. They have superhuman intelligence, knowledge of other worlds, they have access to such information that there is no way they could know about, and they have the strange mysterious powers. They are called the “Star Children” by the ancient astronaut theorists, and most of the world knows them as the “Indigo Children”.

Millions of people from around the world believe that we invested in the past by extraterrestrial beings. What if it would true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history?

The mystery behind the Junk DNA

Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 2
Introns are non-coding sections of a gene that are called “Junk DNA”

According to geneticist David Reich of the Harvard Medical School, there is in fact, something mysterious inside us that has yet to be identified. In a study published in the form of 2013, Reich examined the genome of the Neanderthals and another group of ancient hominine known as Denisovan, both of which were cohabitants of humans.

He discovered that their DNA dates back more than 400,000 years, containing an unknown ancestor and some geneticists have concluded it as the “Junk DNA.” But ancient astronaut theorists believe that these Junk DNA might not be junk after all.

According to them, DNA is a code and just because its code has not been cracked yet doesn’t mean it’s actually junk, maybe its origin is not from this world.

Did extraterrestrial beings help to shape human history?

In 2007, a famous anthropologist named Professor John Hawks from the University of Wisconsin-Madison had carried out research on Human DNA with his team.

They found evidence that 1,800 genes, or 7 percent of all those in the human body, had undergone natural selection in the past 5,000 years which means that we are more different genetically from people living 5,000 years ago than they were from Neanderthals.

Even stranger that in the last 40,000 years humans have changed as much as they did in the previous 2 million years and humans are evolving 100 times faster than at any time since the rise of the man some 6 million years ago.

If it is true that somehow the extraterrestrial beings were involved in making our prehistoric life then might there be a connection between extraterrestrial and the star children?

Some real accounts of Star Children

From history, our civilizations have witnessed several accounts of superhuman powers and abilities. Most of them have been forgotten while some have been remembered through chronicles and legends. However, these extraordinary humans have never stopped being born on Earth. We can still found them. They are secretly known as the “Star Children.”

In 1982, the Chinese government launched a nationwide search for children with extraordinary abilities, some of the talents they looked for the psychic powers, telekinesis and the ability to manipulate time and space.

There was one girl who could wave her hands over a bush and spontaneously accelerate the time of flower-buds then the buds popped open right in front of everyone’s eyes, some could read with closed eyes and some could move objects telepathically.

To say, these extraordinary children can be found everywhere in this world. Some of their accounts are briefly cited below:

1 | Sho Yano
Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 3
Sho Yano

In 2002, Sho Yano graduated in summa cum laude from the Loyola University Chicago at just the age of 12, and six years later he received his Ph.D. in molecular genetics and cell biology at the University of Chicago.

2 | Ainan Celeste Cawley
Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 4
Ainan Celeste Cawley

In 2006, 6-year-old Ainan Celeste Cawley gave a science lecture on Acids and Alkalis at a Singaporean School, making him the world’s youngest known science teacher.

3 | Adam Kerby
Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 5
Adam Kerby

In 2013, Adam Kerby becomes the youngest member of British Mensa at just 2-year-old, he scored 141 in an IQ test whether an IQ between 90 and 110 is considered average and over 120 is superior. The great scientist Albert Einstein had an IQ of about 160.

4 | Mary Patella
Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 6
Mary Patella

According to Nikki Patella, her daughter Mary had told that her home is in the sky and she showed numerous stunning abilities such as telekinesis and psychic visions.

Parents of star children know that their children are different from other children maybe their child is psychic and talking about seeing things that other people can’t see, hearing things that other people can’t hear or knowing things that other people don’t know.

Some of the star children have very high energy, even they can go a long period without sleeping or without eating, and the statistics show that the term, “Is my child indigo?” has been searched on the internet for thousands of times.

5 | Boris Kipriyanovich

In the Volgograd region of Russia, there is a boy named Boris Kipriyanovich who is believed to be a Reincarnated Star Child. His knowledge and skills have fascinated not only his parents but also the researchers who have studied him.

Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 7
Boris Kipriyanovich

According to his parents, he showed such extraordinary psychic abilities that at first, they were worried about their baby. They say, their child regularly visits a well-known Anomalous Zone on a Mountain to fulfill his needs in energy.

Boris revealed such detailed information about Mars, planetary systems, other civilizations and unknown extraterrestrial things that there was no way he could know about.

Specialists of the Institute of Earth Magnetism and Radio-waves of the Russian Academy of Sciences photographed his aura, which turned out to be unusually strong. He has the orange spectrogram, which says that he is a very joyful person that also suggests him not to be a psychic patient at all.

Star Children in human history

Throughout human history, there had been numerous children such as Mozart, Picasso, Bobby Fischer who stand out for their advanced knowledge and incredible abilities. But remarkably these incredible talents and intelligence are the product of good genetics, or could there be another explanation for why there some children play abilities beyond the previous generation.

Could these so-called ‘Star Children’ really have the superhuman abilities? If so, where they come from? And is it possible, the Star Children have been with us for thousands of years?

Ancient astronaut theorists say evidence that the Star Children may have existed on earth in the distant past can be found in the story of date back over two thousand years.

The mind behind pythagoras’ advanced knowledge
Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 8
In Raphael’s fresco The School of Athens, Pythagoras is shown teaching a class of ancient greek people. Many prominent members of his school were women.

In the 6th century BC, in Greece, Mnesarchus the father of the great philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras was travelling home from work one day when he came upon an abandoned infant starring at the sun without blinking and a delicate little straw in its mouth like a reed-pipe.

Mnesarchus became more astonished when he noticed that the baby was surviving by the dew dripping from the big tree over his head. Mnesarchus named this baby Astraeus which literally means “star child” in greek and he is an early example of the magical child. Astraeus raised with Pythagoras and his two brothers so he was the part of their family.

According to the Greek myth, Mnesarchus gave the child to Pythagoras to be a servant and apprentice. Although Pythagoras is considered one of history’s greatest mathematical minds, some ancient astronaut theorists believe he may have received the advanced knowledge from the boy Astraeus.

It is believed that Astraeus was actually sent to Earth in order to instruct Pythagoras whose concept became the foundation of the civilized ancient world.

Legends of Pythagoras:

In various chronicles, ancient documents and folklores, there can be found a number of legends based on Pythagoras’ life.

  • Aristotle described Pythagoras as a wonder-worker and somewhat of a supernatural figure. According to Aristotle’s writing, Pythagoras had a golden thigh, which he publicly exhibited at the Olympic Games and showed to Abaris the Hyperborean as proof of his identity as the “Hyperborean Apollo”.
  • Pythagoras was supposedly once seen at both Metapontum and Croton at the same time (Bilocation).
  • When Pythagoras crossed the river Kosas (now Basento), “several witnesses” reported that they heard it welcomed him by name.
  • In Roman times, a legend claimed that Pythagoras was the son of Apollo.
  • Aristotle further wrote that, when a deadly snake bit Pythagoras, he bit it back and killed it.
  • Later Porphyry and Iamblichus both philosophers report that Pythagoras once persuaded a bull not to eat beans and that he once convinced a notoriously destructive bear to swear that it would never harm a living thing again, and that the bear kept its word.

These stories make it suspicious about Pythagoras that there was something different that set him apart from humans. Many believe that Astraeus was behind all these Pythagoras’ divine powers.

The Starchild Skull and its hidden mysteries

In 1920, in Copper Canyon, Mexico, while exploring a mine tunnel a teenage girl unearthed two skulls. One was clearly normal, while the other proves much more mysterious, being 900 years old as per its radiocarbon dating test. And according to a dentist, to examine the upper jaw the mysterious relic distinctly showed that it came from a child no more than 5-year-old. The skull is now known as the “Starchild Skull.”

Starchild Skull
The Starchild Skull. Found in Copper Canyon, Mexico in 1920.

Mainstream scientists insist the deformation of the “Starchild skull” is actually caused by a genetic disorder most likely Hydrocephalus, a condition in which an abnormal amount of fluid is filled in the skull to enlarge.

But paranormal researcher and caretaker of the skull, Lloyd Pye, who died on December 9, 2013, had ruled out this possibility based on its unique shape. A Hydrocephalus skull abnormally blows up like a balloon with different shapes and due to this, the groove at the backside of the skull does not remain but there can be seen a clear groove in the Starchild Skull, Lloyd said.

Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 9
Comparison of a Hydrocephalus Skull (left) with the Starchild skull (right). © Wikipedia/History

But many researchers are not only baffled by the volume of the skull which measures more than 10 percent larger than an average adult but also the other characteristics that distinctly say it’s not of any human.

The Starchild Skull has half the thickness of ordinary human bones and also twice as dense as the ordinary human bone with the consistency more similar to dental enamel. The skull is bizarrely strong and seems like there some extra powerful web inside the bone. Additionally, the Starchild Skull has also the reddish recede that appears to be very similar to the bone marrow but different from all we normally have.

Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 10
Comparison of the Starchild Skull (left) with a human skull (right). The “fibres” and red residue woven in the Starchild Skull’s bone is reminiscent of rebar and increases the strength of the bone by as much as six times stronger than a normal skull. © History

To make things stranger, there is no sinus cavity inside the skull as well as there are so many attachments that human beings don’t have. The ears on the Starchild Skull are considerably lower and the “hearing region” is twice as big as a normal skull. The skull appears to be some shot of hybridization as part human and also part something else.

Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 11
Comparison of the human skull X-ray (left) with a Starchild Skull X-ray (right). There are no visible sinuses. © History

When the Starchild Skull is subjected to forensic reconstruction, the face that is produced appears nearly similar to descriptions of Grey Aliens. It had very unusual eyes and expanded head with a very narrow lower face and it had a master brain inside it.

Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 12
Digital Reconstruction of the Starchild Skull has similarities with the Grey Aliens © History

Lloyd Pye carried out the Starchild Project working with some independent researchers to determine exactly who or what this unusual skull belongs to.

According to Lloyd, the DNA test results, carried out in 2003 revealed a shocking result. While scientists uncover the mitochondrial DNA or DNA that inherits only from the mother, they were unable to detect the nuclear DNA or DNA from both the mother and father in spite of six attempts.

Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 13
Mother’s mitochondrial DNA was found in the Starchild Skull, but the father’s nuclear DNA not. © History

They realized that there was something wrong with the father’s DNA and as per the evidence they concluded that the child was a hybrid of a human mother and an alien father.

But more advanced DNA testing in 2011 revealed something even more shocking that the DNA not only of the father but also of the mother did not appear to be human’s after all. Now the genetic evidence indicates that the child did not have a human mother too, he was just purely alien!

Later research on the Starchild Skull

Later in 2016, a new “Starchild Skull Project” was held by a completely independent and self-funded research group consisting of professional scientists. They conducted an in-depth investigation into the Starchild Skull, and the results were published on the website TheFieldReports. Bill May, Joe Taylor, and Aaron Judkins, Ph.D. were prominently notable figures of the research team.

Upon testing the mitochondrial DNA of the Starchild Skull, they found that the child was a male and his mother was a Native American from the haplogroup C1.

They concluded the strange shape of the Starchild Skull saying, there are several different disorders that can cause this, including genetic diseases and tumours. Aaron Judkins, Ph.D. described this shape as Brachycephalic and discounted the popular theory of Hydrocephalus.

They further assert, although they have concluded that Starchild Skull is fully human, some of the examinations did find anomalies that were not definitively explained through the DNA testing. According to them, the ancient DNA was not viable enough to be tested for genetic diseases at that time.

Black-Eyed Children: Who they are?

Starchild Skull: The mysterious origin of the Star Children 14
© The Artifice (2014)

Black-eyed children or black-eyed kids are said to be the paranormal creatures that resemble children between the ages of six and sixteen. A dozen of stories of real encounters keep circulating, all following a very similar pattern.

The black-eyed children might knock on your door on a late wintry night. You may see them approaching your car while you are waiting at the signal or a gas station. It might seem like they need help or they might just stand still for no reason.

These children do not look threatening. They would want to get in your house or your car. They will be persistent. Suddenly, you will notice something is not right about these children. Their eyes, pure black, from lid-to-lid, dead black orbs devoid of sclera or iris will chill up your spine; you have finally come across the black-eyed children.

Though most of these stories are considered some unreal legends, the questions that remain: Do the black-eyed children really exist? If yes, then who they are?

According to some, the answer could be found in the existence of Star Children. The truth is, if something exists then its opposite thing has to be existed. So, why not the opposite of the Star Children? They hold power in their novel minds, and those black-eyed children are the same but they hold power in their evil mind. To say, they are the children of devils instead of Gods.


The Indigo Children or so-called Star Children are born with a non-physical intelligence, they are very sensitive, they always have a mission sense, they use such born-gifted power such as telepathy in which they could perceive the sense and thoughts of the other person, they have the special qualities and psychic abilities that can heal or transform the society and give us a new way to understand all the things around us.

Thousands of Indigo Children are being born in our world every year and they are the new race that is living among us right now as some ancient astronaut theorists suggest. If so, then why are they here? Is it to replace us? Or is it to teach us about our potential and they guide us into the future when between all of us will become Indigo Children??!

Introduction to the Starchild Skull by Lloyd Pye