Natasha Demkina: The lady with X-ray eyes!

Natasha Demkina is a Russian woman who claims to possess a special vision that allows her to look inside human bodies and see organs and tissues and thereby make medical diagnoses.

Natasha Demkina: The lady with X-ray eyes! 1
Natasha Demkina, The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes

The Strange Case Of Natasha Demkina:

Natalya Natasha Nikolayevna Demkina, shortened in Natasha Demkina, was born in Saransk, Russia. In 1987, at the age of ten, Demkina developed a strange superhuman ability, the X-Ray like vision. This happened after she was operated for her appendix.

In many cases, people tell of personal experiences of reduced ability to concentrate, reduced attention span, and of memory problems after undergoing an operation.

These changes are sometimes severe enough to alter the personality of the affected person, or to interfere with their ability to perform normal activities. But Natasha Demkina’s case was totally different yet fascinating. She could see inside a human body.

I was at home with my mother and suddenly I had a vision. I could see inside my mother’s body and I started telling her about the organs I could see. Now, I have to switch from my regular vision to what I call ‘medical vision’. For a fraction of a second, I see a colourful picture inside the person and then I start to analyze It. says Demkina.

After this, Demkina’s story started spreading in the neighbourhood. People began gathering outside her house to figure out their sicknesses.

Diagnosis At Hospitals:

On hearing Natasha Demkina’s stories, doctors in her hometown asked her to perform a number of tasks to see if her abilities were genuine. She was taken to a local children’s hospital where, to everyone’s surprise, she correctly diagnosed the children.

Natasha Demkina: The lady with X-ray eyes! 2
Natasha Demkina, when she was 17.

It has been reported that Demkina used pictures to show the doctors. To one of the doctors, she showed a picture of something inside his stomach. That was his ulcer.

Using her extraordinary vision, Demkina also corrected a wrong diagnosis made by the doctors about a lady who was supposedly suffering from cancer.

Demkina examined her and said that it was just a small cyst and not cancer. After several examinations, it was revealed that the woman indeed did not have cancer.

Natasha Demkina’s Global Recognition:

Stories of Natasha reached UK through the newspaper, The Sun. In 2004, Natasha was brought to UK to test her vision. Natasha could locate the injuries of a person who had a car accident a year before.

In England, she also examined a resident doctor Chris Steele of The Morning TV show. She correctly told him about the operations he had undergone and then told him that he was suffering from gall stones, kidney stones, enlarged pancreas, and an enlarged liver.

Immediately the doctor went for a scan to find that all the diagnoses made by Natasha were accurate. He found that he had a tumour in his intestines, but it was not life-threatening.

Then the Discovery Channel decided to test Natasha Demkina in New York on a documentary titled “The Girl with X-Ray Eyes.” The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) researchers Ray Hyman, Richard Wiseman, and Andrew Skolnick conducted the test. There were seven patients and Demkina had to diagnose any five. Demkina diagnosed only four and was told that she had failed the test.

This experiment remains a controversy to date, and she is criticized for this. Later Demkina was tested by Professor Yoshio Machi – who studies claims of unusual human abilities – from the Department of Electronics at Tokyo Denki University, in Japan.

After setting a few ground rules for the tests, Demkina was successful. Demkina’s website claims that, in the Tokyo experiment, she was able to see that one of the subjects had a prosthetic knee, and that another had asymmetrically placed internal organs. She also claims to have detected the early stages of pregnancy in a female subject, and an undulating spinal curvature in another subject.

Demkina Found Her Career In What She’s Expertise In:

Natasha Demkina was a free test subject and service for everyone until January 2006 when she started her career in the Centre of Special Diagnostics of the Natalya Demkina (TSSD), charging patients for diagnosis.

The purpose of the Centre is to diagnose and treat illness in cooperation with “experts possessing unusual abilities, folk healers and professionals of traditional medicine.” Natasha Demkina still remains a controversial subject.


According to accounts on her personal website, after her experiences in London and New York, Demkina set several conditions for the tests, including that the subjects bring with them a medical certificate stating their health status, and that the diagnosis will be restricted to a single specific part of the body – the head, the torso, or extremities – which she was to be informed of in advance.

Many have criticized Natasha Demkina saying, she reveals some very common things in the reports what she previously knew about the patients and that many of her reports and explanations don’t comply with the standard medical system.

Do you think that Natasha Demkina really has a superhuman X-Ray vision?

Apart from this case, there’s another fascinating story about a girl named Veronica Seider who got her name in the Guinness World Record Book in 1972, for having Eagle like “superhuman” eyesight.