56 most mysterious places on Earth

Planet Earth is a wondrous place that never ceases to amaze with its majestic natural wonders and jaw-dropping man-made marvels. But our planet isn’t without its fair share of mysteries, either. If you’re fascinated by places with mythical origins or unexplained phenomena that will give you goosebumps, you’ll be intrigued by these enigmatic spots around the world.

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1 | The Door To Hell In Turkmenistan

The Door to Hell, the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan
The Gate to Hell , a crater in Turkmenistan in the middle of the Karakum Desert near the Darvaza oasis, where escaping natural gas has been burning since 1971 © Wikipedia

The Door to Hell, or also know as the Gates of Hell, is situated near the small town of Derweze in Turkmenistan. In the 1960s, the Soviet engineers were drilling for a substantial oil field site when they encountered a very large cavern underground filled with methane and other poisonous gases.

Soon after the preliminary survey found the natural gas pocket, the ground beneath the drilling rig and camp collapsed into a wide crater and the rig was buried with no casualties. The crater was 226 feet in diameter and its depth was 98 feet. Later in the early 1970s, geologists intentionally set it on fire to prevent the dangerous releases of poisonous gases, expecting it to burn off in a few hours. But strangely, the gas is still burning to this day, and no one knows when it will stop.

2 | Underwater Crop Circle

Underwater Crop Circle pufferfishes
The circles, scientists say, are actually nests created by male pufferfish, which spend about ten days carefully constructing and decorating the structures to woo females © Yoji Ookata

Once regarded to be objects of high intrigue, the underwater crop circles have been explained to be a creative demonstration of ‘pufferfishes’ quests for finding their mates. These underwater circles have circumferences of over six feet and are often decorated with shells and other decorative items found at the bottom of the sea. The underwater crop circles were discovered under the waters of the Japanese island of Anami Oshima. Though, some consider these ocean mysteries as the work of aliens.

3 | The Convergence Of Baltic and North Seas

The Convergence Of Baltic And North Seas
The Convergence Of Baltic And North Seas © YouTube

This oceanic phenomenon has been a highly debated topic. The convergent point of the North and the Baltic Seas occurs in the province of Skagen in Denmark. However, because of the differing rates of densities of the seas’ waters, the sea waters continue to remain separate despite their convergence.

4 | Glass Beach, California, USA

Glass Beach Fort Bragg California
Glass Beach, Fort Bragg California © Wikipedia

Glass Beach is a beach in MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, California that is abundant in sea glass created from years of dumping garbage into an area of coastline near the northern part of the town. Located in Northern California among the rocky coastline is what can be considered the Mecca for sea glass collectors around the world. Its otherworldly shoreline is now littered with smooth shards of sea glass.

5 | Underwater City In Shicheng, China

Underwater City In Shicheng, China
Underwater City In Shicheng, China

This incredible underwater city, trapped in time, is 1341 years old. Shicheng, or Lion City, is located in the Zhejiang province in eastern China. It was submerged in 1959 during the construction of the Xin’an River Hydropower Station. The water protects the city from wind and rain erosion, so it has remained sealed underwater in relatively good condition.

6 | The Great Pyramids Of Egypt

56 most mysterious places on Earth 1
The Great Pyramids Of Giza © Pixabay

For centuries, the Great Pyramids of Giza have been the centre for all ancient mysteries. From advanced civilizations to secret chambers to alien conspiracy all extraordinary claims are rotating around it for decades. But which is little known about the site is it’s terribly haunted. Many eye witness reports have recorded a man and his three children, dressed in clothes typical of the 1920s, roaming around the Great Pyramids looking for something. As we are telling a ghost story here, we’re going to assume that he’s searching for his wife and mother of his children.

The much creepier story surrounding the haunting of the pyramids is the emergence of the ghost of Pharaoh Khufu himself who is the proud owner of one of them. Dressed in traditional ancient Egyptian armour, he appears at midnight and walks the streets, visiting houses and telling their inhabitants to leave the area. If ghosts have unfinished business to linger around, Khufu has been very patient for many millennia now. Read More

7 | The Valley Of The Kings, Egypt

The Valley Of The Kings, Egypt
The Valley Of The Kings, Egypt © Pixabay

Hosting a few hundred dead Pharaohs for the past 5000 years, the rumour that the Valley of the Kings is haunted should come as a surprise to no one. A pharaoh in a chariot has been seen roaming the valley as well as perceptions of strange noises such as footsteps, screams and shuffling without a source. Watchmen believe these are the spirits of the deceased whose tombs have been desecrated. Now they are looking for their treasures which are, largely, crammed in the Egyptian Museum a few hundred miles away.

On top of that, the “Mummy’s curse” has made Tutankhamen’s gravesite a creepy place. Upon financing the discovery of the site, Lord Carnation died before he could harvest the fruits of his investment due to an infected mosquito bite on his neck. The later inspection of Tutankhamen found a similar wound on the young Pharaoh. Howard Carter, the archaeologist who found the site, died due to chemicals used in the chamber after it was discovered. Hence, his greatest discovery was also his doom, spreading more superstition over the apparent curse on the tomb. These accounts are super scary albeit highly controversial.

8 | World’s Largest Cave, Son Doong, In Malaysia

World’s Largest Cave, Son Doong, In Malaysia
The massive Second Doline in Hang Son Doong is so large that trees grow inside © Wikipedia

The Son Doong Cave was found in 1991 by a local man named Ho Khanh. In 2009, a group of British cavers led by Howard Limbert explored the cave’s interior, only then realizing that it was possibly the greatest cave in the world. Son Doong Cave has dethroned Malaysia’s Deer Cave as the world’s largest.

The water and limestone that carved it over millions of slow, patient-years have created spectacular and unique formations. Occasional collapses in the roof have allowed underground jungle ecosystems to form, and with them, all-new species that have never been seen anywhere else. Rare cave pearls, ancient fossils, and towering stalactites form around a river running through the caves, which are so large that they form their own clouds.

Now that the caves have been thoroughly explored, the government has granted tour operators permission to host treks through the caves, which have already begun operating this summer.

9 | Koh-i-Chiltan Peak, Balochistan

Chiltan Mountain, Balochistan, Pakistan
Chiltan Mountain in Balochistan, Pakistan © Flickr

The tallest peak in the Chiltan range is said to be haunted by the ghosts of 40 dead children. The local legend of the peak is about a couple who once left 40 babies on the peak to survive on their own. It is these children that they say can be heard crying in despair in the night when the winds blow strong, carrying down their voices calling to people to come up.

The story of the couple is fairly simple, poor and without a child, they sought the help of many clerics and healers. One such cleric’s son said he would be able to help them even though others couldn’t. He spent many nights praying and the couple was not only blessed with one but forty children. Being unable to care for so many the husband decided to leave 39 on the mountain top to fend for themselves. They say the wife was drawn to the wails of the 39 and taking the 40th child she saw that all were alive. She left her last child there to tell her husband the good news. Upon returning, all of them were gone.

10 | Jatinga Valley, Assam, India

Jatinga Valley, Assam, India
Jatinga Valley, Assam, India © unsplash

Having a population of around 2500, this village is popular worldwide for its unexplained phenomenon of bird suicides. Most of the migratory birds visiting the area never leave the village, dropping dead on the streets for no explainable reason. The case gets even more inscrutable as these birds always ascend to their death between 06:00 PM and 09:30 PM on the moonless nights of September and October.

These mass suicides only occur on a specific one mile stretch of land, and this phenomenon is said to have occurred year after year without a break for more than a century. Many theories have been put forward by scientists to explain this phenomenon, the most popular one being that these birds are attracted towards village lights which later confuse them, along with many others. Though, none of them have yet been able to prove any of the theories behind this phenomenon, that’s why it continues to haunt and intrigue the minds of the residents and travellers just the same. Read More

11 | The Dolls’ Island

The Dolls’ Island Mexico City
The Dolls’ Island, Mexico City

Xochimilco, a district just south of Mexico City, is home to a number of artificial islands and canals, one of which was owned by a caretaker named Julian Santana Barrera. When Barrera discovered the body of a young girl in one of the canals near his island, he began to collect dolls to hang around the island to ward off any evil spirits, and to make the ghost of the young girl happy. The island, known as La Isla de las Munecas ― the Island of Dolls ― is now visited by thousands of tourists a year, who bring dolls to carry on Barrera’s tradition. Read More

12 | Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where dozens of ships and airplanes have disappeared. Unexplained circumstances surround some of these accidents, including one in which the pilots of a squadron of U.S. Navy bombers became disoriented while flying over the area; the planes were never found.

Other boats and planes have seemingly vanished from the area in good weather without even radioing distress messages. But although myriad fanciful theories have been proposed regarding the Bermuda Triangle, none of them prove that mysterious disappearances occur more frequently there than in other well-travelled sections of the ocean. In fact, people navigate the area every day without incident. Read More

13 | Bhangarh Fort Of Rajasthan, India

Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan
Bhangarh Fort, Alwar, Rajasthan

According to the stories, an evil wizard named Singhiya fell in love with the Princess of Bhangarh and cursed the fort after she rejected him. The year following the curse, both war and famine broke out in the area, leading to the death of the princess. Tourists are not allowed to enter the building after sunset and before sunrise, so as not to disturb the ghosts of Singhiya and his victims, who haunt Bhangarh Fort. Read More

14 | The Shennongjia Forest, China

Virgin forest Shennongjia China
Virgin forest in Shennongjia Forestry District, Hubei, China © Wikipedia

The Shennongjia Forest is a huge and mysterious area of woodland that covers over 800,000 acres in the eastern Hubei Province. It also supposedly provides a home to the “man-monkey of Shennongjia,” better known as the “Yeren” or Chinese Bigfoot. There have been numerous sightings of this creature, with hair samples and footprints also found. In addition, Shennongjia is supposed to be the home of several other monsters, and is a UFO hot-spot. The Forest can be reached from the cities of Muyu, Hongping or Songbai, and you should not enter the forest without a guide.

15 | The Oak Island

Money Pit, Oak Island
Money Pit, Oak Island © MRU

Supposedly this privately-owned island in Nova Scotia sits atop buried treasure or rare artifacts. The biggest legend is that a formation of boulders, called “The Money Pit,” which hides treasure from pre-1795 that has yet to be found. But quite a few critics say this theory has no solid evidence backing it up.

16 | Easter Island

56 most mysterious places on Earth 2
Moai Statues on Easter Island, Chile

One of the most isolated islands in the world. The only known, civilization that ever lived on the island has had a sudden population decrease and has made huge head structures called moais. The mystery of this island has brought a lot of attention upon it: How did the Rapa Nui people build the moais? And why did they?

Apart from this, there’s a mysterious bacteria that are found only on Easter Island, which could be the key to immortality. Rapamycin is a drug originally found in Easter Island bacteria. Some scientists say it could stop the ageing process and be the key to immortality. It can lengthen the lives of old mice by 9 to 14 percent, and it boosts longevity in flies and yeast too. Though recent research clearly shows Rapamycin possesses a potential anti-ageing compound, it is not without risk and experts are unsure of what the outcome and side-effects would be for long-term use. Read More

17 | Roopkund Lake

56 most mysterious places on Earth 3

Nestled deep in the Himalayan mountains at 5,029 metres above sea level, Roopkund Lake is a small body of water — approximately 40 metres in diameter — that is colloquially referred to as Skeleton Lake. Because in the summer, as the Sun melts the ice around the lake, there opens dreadful sight — bones and skulls of several hundred ancient humans and horses lying around the lake. Read More

18 | Aokigahara – The Suicide Forest

Aokigahara, the infamous suicide forest of Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.
Aokigahara, the infamous suicide forest of Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan © Wikipedia

Aokigahara Jukai, which literally means “The Sea of Trees” in Japanese, is a densely packed 35 square kilometre forest, that sits at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. This eerily quiet place is known as the ‘suicide forest’ as up to 100 bodies per year are recovered, most utilizing drug overdose or hanging as their means of death. Ribbon trails are sometimes left so the bodies can be more easily found. Read More

19 | Hoia Baciu Forest

Hoia Baciu Forest, Transylvania, Romania
Hoia Baciu Forest in Transylvania, Romania © Pixabay

There is a creepy haunted forest in Transylvania, Romania, named “Hoia Baciu” which has hundreds of chilling eerie tales to tell. And it’s considered as one of the most haunted forests on earth. The trees are unexplainably bent and twisted which provide this wood a horror appearance and anybody can get an unease horrible feeling from it. Over the years, so many bone-chilling stories of bizarre deaths, disappearances and UFO encounters have loomed large over this eerie forest. Read More

20 | The Ghost Village Of Kuldhara

The Ghost Village Of Kuldhara
The Ghost Village Of Kuldhara © Wikipedia

There’s a village named Kuldhara in Rajasthan, India, that dates back to the 13th century, but no one has lived there since 1825 when all its residents once seemingly vanished overnight, and no one knows why, though there are a few eerie theories.

21 | The Ghost Town Of Matsuo Kouzan

The Ghost Town Of Matsuo Kouzan
The Ghost Town Of Matsuo Kouzan © Michaeljohngrist.com

Matsuo Kouzan in northern Japan used to be the most famous sulphur mine in the Far East, but it closed in 1972. Nowadays, at times, it proves near impossible to locate the apartment blocks of the abandoned Matsuo Mining Town. People can spend hours in the fog trying to locate these relics of one of the world’s once largest sulphur mines, which employed more than 4,000 workers.

Sometimes those who are brave enough to fight through the fog will find themselves not alone there! They will hear running footsteps approaching them in the gloom, carrying the invisible forms right on past, the only evidence being the swirls in the mist taking on human form as they pass on by. Read More

22 | Houska Castle

Houska Castle Prague
Houska Castle

Houska Castle is located in the forests north of Prague. The sole reason to build this castle was to close the gateway to hell! It is said that underneath the castle is a bottomless pit filled with demons. In the 1930s, the Nazis conducted experiments in the castle of the occult variety. Years later upon its renovation, skeletons of several Nazi Officers were discovered. Many different types of ghosts are seen around the castle, including a giant bulldog, a frog, a human, a woman in old dress, and most spooky of all, a headless black horse. Read More

23 | Poveglia Island

Poveglia Island, Italy
Poveglia Island

There is an island near Italy called Poveglia Island that was the site of wars, a dumping ground for plague victims, and an insane asylum with an insane doctor. It’s considered so dangerously haunted that the Italian government does not allow public access. Read More

24 | Haunted Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach in Gujarat, India
Dumas Beach in Gujarat, India © India CC

Dumas Beach in Gujarat, India, is shrouded with its calm beauty along the dark Arabian Sea. The beach is especially known for its black sand and the spooky activities that occur after the sun goes down into the waves of the darkish sea. Once used to be a burning ground, this site is said to still blow the eerie memories on its winds.

Both morning walkers and tourists often hear the strange cries and whispers within the beach limits. There are reports of a lot of people going missing after they set out on a night-time walk on the beach, exploring the alluring beauty of its darkness. Even the dogs also sense the presence of something unworldly there and bark at the air in a warning to keep their owners from harm. Read More

25 | Devil’s Pool, Queensland, Australia

Devil's Pool, Babinda, Queensland
Devil’s Pool, Babinda, Queensland © Wikipedia

Devil’s Pool is situated near Babinda in Queensland, Australia, where 18 people have died since 1959. The first victim was a missing local villager who was found dead at Devil’s Pool. Two woodcutters passing away of the pool first saw his dead body floating on its water. On November 30, 2008, Tasmanian naval seaman James Bennett became the 17th person to drown at the site.

Aboriginal folklores say that a woman wilfully drowned here after being separated from her lover, and now she haunts the pool luring men to the pool to join her death. People have reported seeing strange apparitions and hearing the sound of someone’s crying. An 18-year-old girl by the name of Madison Tam is the eighteenth person to die at the pool after she was sucked under the water into a tunnel of rocks and vanished. Fifteen of the 18 people who lost their lives at the pool since 1959 have been men — matching the Indigenous tale.

26 | The Dog Suicide Bridge Of Scotland

The Dog Suicide Bridge Of Scotland Overtoun Bridge
The Dog Suicide Bridge Of Scotland

Near the village of Milton in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, there exists a bridge known as the Overtoun Bridge that, for some unknown reasons, has been attracting suicidal dogs since the early 60s. According to the reports, more than 600 dogs have jumped off the bridge to their deaths. Even stranger are the accounts of dogs who had survived only to return to the same spot of the bridge for a second attempt!

Once “The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” had sent their representatives to investigate the whole matter, but they too were stumped by the cause of that strange behaviour, and ended up attempting to jump from the bridge. Somehow, they were able to save their own lives but the suicidal phenomena of the Overtoun Bridge remain a big mystery to this day. Read More

27 | Area 51

Area 51 base Nevada
Warning sign near secret Area 51 base in Nevada © Wikipedia

The Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51, located within the Nevada Test and Training Range, has captured the imagination of both conspiracy theorists and Hollywood for decades. The top-secret military base (which is still operational) is surrounded by barren desert, and the secrecy surrounding its Cold War-era stealth aircraft testing led to rumors of UFOs and aliens, wild government experiments and even a staged moon landing on the premises. Curious civilians can explore the area around the base, which has become a bizarre tourist destination, although they aren’t permitted inside.

28 | Coral Castle, Homestead, Florida

Coral Castle, Homestead, Florida
Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida © Wikipedia

A heartbroken man single-handedly built Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, over the course of 25 years, up until his death in 1951. Without the use of large machinery, he cut, moved, carved and sculpted more than 1,100 tons of coral rock. How exactly he managed this feat of engineering with only hand tools is still an impressive mystery.

29 | The Lake Michigan Triangle

Lake Michigan Triangle
Michigan Triangle

Did you know that Lake Michigan has its very own Bermuda Triangle? Many people associate shipwrecks with the wild waves of the open ocean, but there is a history of sunken ships, plane crashes and disappearances of vessels and entire crews within an area in Lake Michigan created by drawing lines connecting Benton Harbor in Michigan, Manitowoc in Wisconsin and Ludington in Michigan. As the legends of these documented disasters grew, so did reports of UFOs and paranormal phenomena that could be behind them. Read More

30 | The Nazca Lines Of Peru

Nazca Lines, Nazca Desert in Southern Peru
Nazca Lines is the general name given to the lines drawn on the ground in the Nazca Desert in Southern Peru, some of which are kilometers long, depicting some forms of life or various geometric shapes. The ground where lines are drawn or scraped © Wikipedia

More than 2,000 years ago, the ancient Nazca people of Peru carved hundreds of giant designs of humans, animals, plants and perfect geometric shapes into the desert plain. All these geo-arts are only seen from the sky. Despite being studied by scientists for more than 80 years, their functions and reasons are still unknown.

31 | The Devil’s Sea

The Devil’s Sea, The Dragon’s Triangle
The Devil’s Sea in the Pacific Ocean

In the Pacific Ocean south of Tokyo, Japan, lies a treacherous stretch of water that has been nicknamed “The Devil’s Sea” and many also call it “The Dragon’s Triangle.” Due to a string of vessels and fishing boats that have disappeared, many compare it to the Bermuda Triangle. This is a notorious Pacific site which is filled with mysterious disappearances and sea monster sightings since the late 13th century, when it sank a fleet of 900 Mongol ships carrying 40,000 soldiers.

In modern history, the most famous disappearance took place in 1953 when a research fishery ship called the Kaiyo Maru 5, which consisted of 31 crew members and scientists combined, sailed into the area to investigate a recently formed volcanic island. Unfortunately, the vessel never returned from its voyage with no traces left of it, or the crew for that matter. Read More

32 | Richat Structure Of Mauritania

Eye of the Sahara, the Richat Structure
The Richat Structure of Mauritania © NASA

Also known as the mythical-sounding Eye of the Sahara, the Richat Structure is a 30-mile-wide circular feature that from space looks like a bull’s-eye in the middle of the desert. Richat was initially theorized to be a meteorite impact site but is now believed to have been created by erosion of a dome, revealing its concentric rings of rock layers. Its distinctive shape can be seen by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Some believe, this place has some kind of connection with advanced extraterrestrial beings. Read More

33 | Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge, England
Stonehenge, a neolithic stone monument constructed from 3000 BC to 2000 BC.

The prehistoric monument from more than 5,000 years ago is such a famous landmark that people might not think of it as mysterious anymore. But how and why these massive stones in England were made and arranged over the course of 1,500 years has captivated researchers, historians and curious visitors for generations. While it is generally accepted that it was built as a sacred temple and burial ground, how Neolithic people managed this massive architectural feat is still debated.

34 | The Bridgewater Triangle Of Massachusetts

The Bridgewater Triangle Of Massachusetts
The Bridgewater Triangle Of Massachusetts © MRU

“The Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts” encloses the towns of Abington, Rehoboth and Freetown at the points of the triangle. It has a number of alluring historical sites that are full of mysteries. Besides this, ‘The Bridgewater Triangle’ is claimed to be a site of alleged paranormal phenomena, ranging from UFOs to poltergeists, orbs, balls of fire and other spectral phenomena, various bigfoot-like sightings, giant snakes and “thunderbirds,” also with large monsters. Read More

35 | Crooked Forest, Poland

The Crooked Forest Poland
The Crooked Forest: A Mysterious Grove of 400 Oddly Bent Pine Trees in Poland

Just south of the unpronounceable city of Szczecin on Poland’s extreme eastern haunch, a stone’s throw west of the border with Germany, a small clutch of just over 400 pine trees has been garnering the attention of Atlas Obscura types and off-the-beaten-track travelers for years.

The entire forest appears to be bent over almost 90 degrees at the trunk, before twisting back straight again and growing vertically into the Slavic sky. Debate has raged as to what caused the unusual wood to come to look like it has, with theories as wide ranging as torrential snowstorms and lumberjack growing techniques.

36 | Teotihuacán, Mexico

Teotihuacan, Mexico City
Teotihuacan, Mexico City © Flickr

No one knows who built or originally lived in this vast and complex pyramid city, believed to have left around 1,400 years ago. The site, covering around eight square miles (20sqkm), was later a pilgrimage site for the Aztecs, who gave it the name Teotihuacán. Remnants of apartment-like buildings suggest around 100,000 people lived here and worshipped at temples linked by the broad “Avenue of the Dead”.

37 | Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

Moeraki boulders Otago New Zealand
Moeraki boulders, Otago, New Zealand © Flickr

Ancient Maori legend says these boulders are gourds or food containers, washed ashore from the wreckage of a canoe that brought their ancestors to New Zealand’s South Island. Another theory suggests they are alien eggs. Geology says they formed in sediment on the sea floor around 65 million years ago, eventually choosing Koekohe Beach as their home.

38 | Yonaguni Monument

Yonaguni Monument Yonaguni Island, Japan.
Yonaguni Monument in the waters off Yonaguni Island, Japan.

Deep down in Japan’s southern island chain, near Taiwan, is Yonaguni. Island waters here are known among divers for their abundance of hammerhead sharks, but in 1987 one diver discovered something much cooler that still baffles scientists to this day.

Not far below the surface of the water is Yonaguni Monument, a series of sandstone and mudstone structures connected to rock that many people believe are too distinct to be the work of Mother Nature. The largest of the structures is some 500 feet long, 130 feet wide and 90 feet tall.

Features like pillars and stone columns, a star-shaped platform and a road indicate that humans built this thing, but no one knows for sure. Naturally, many believe it to be the remains of the mythical lost city of Atlantis. Read More

39 | Taos

South Pueblo, Taos Indian Pueblo. New Mexico
Residential adobe complex, and Taos Mountain pictured on an old postcard, circa 1930-1945 © Wikipedia

Taos, New Mexico — which has been drawing artists to its ancient surroundings since the very end of the 19th century — is a magical place well worth a visit in its own right. The Taos Pueblo, a five-story series of adjoining homes, dates back a millenia and is one of the oldest continually inhabited communities in America.

For those seeking the weird and mystical, Taos is also a top attraction. Since at least 30 years ago, people living in Taos have been hearing a low-frequency and highly annoying humming sound. It’s estimated that at least 2 percent of the 5,600-plus residents can hear the sound, which has no concrete explanation.

It could be a government mind-control experiment. Maybe it emanates from an underground alien base. More plausibly, if less thrillingly, it’s just the sound of mankind, or perhaps all in the heads of cannabis-influenced Bohemians.

In any case, there are other hums around the world, and for some people it’s no laughing matter, with the soft and constant pitch driving them bonkers.

40 | Zone Of Silence, Mexico

Zone Of Silence, Zona del Silencio, Chihuahua Desert, North Mexico
Landscape of Zona del Silencio, Chihuahua Desert, North Mexico © Wikipedia

In the beautiful desert in Northern Mexico, there is an area situated between Chihuahua and Coahuila, the states of Durango, which is known as “Zone of Silence” or “Zona del Silencio.” It’s also famous as the Mapimí Silent Zone. According to many experts, this has strange magnetic anomalies that prevent electromagnetic transmission. Radios also do not work there, and the compasses cannot point to the magnetic north.

In July 1970 an Athena RTV test rocket launched from the Green River Launch Complex in Utah lost control and fell in the Mapimí Desert region. The amazing thing at this place is the flora and fauna which have the abnormal mutation. Many tourists come here to see the unique qualities of this place. Because people are very curious to see it and feel its calmness. The area is also infamous for UFO sightings and extraterrestrial activities, which lead it to be compared to the Bermuda Triangle.

41 | The Underwater City Of Cuba

The Underwater City Of Cuba
Sonar scan revealed pyramid-shaped strange rocks and granite structures on the seafloor of the west coast of Cuba.

An Underwater City was discovered in Cuba close to the Bermuda Triangle. It was found in 2001 by marine engineer Pauline Zalitzki, and her husband, Paul Weinzweig. After analyzing samples from the submerged complex, scientists were astonished to find it as old as 50,000 years or more. Many believe it to be Atlantis. Read More

42 | Hessdalen Valley

The Hessdalen Lights
The Hessdalen Lights

Hessdalen Valley in rural central Norway is famous for the unexplained Hessdalen Lights that are observed in a 12-kilometre-long stretch of the valley. These unusual lights have been reported in the region since at least the 1930s. Wanting to study the Hessdalen lights, professor Bjorn Hauge took the above photo with a 30-second exposure. He later claimed that the object seen in the sky was made from silicon, steel, titanium and scandium. The site fascinates many curious minds.

43 | Three Lakes Atop The Mount Kelimutu

The three Lakes of Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia
The three Lakes of Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia

The three Lakes of Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia, change colour from blue to green to black unpredictably. And the reason behind this phenomenon remains unclear to this day.

44 | Lake Natron In Tanzania

"Lake Natron
Satellite view of Lake Natron, 2016 © SentinelHub/Flickr

Lake Natron in northern Tanzania is one of the harshest environments on Earth. Temperatures in the lake can rise to 140 °F (60 °C) and the alkalinity is between pH 9 and pH 10.5, almost as alkaline as ammonia. This causes animal crushing into the water to calcify and look like stone figurines when they dry. The lake’s water saves certain kinds of fish that have evolved to survive in such a caustic environment.

45 | The Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountain Arizona
Superstition Mountain © Flickr

Out in the desert wilderness of Arizona near the city of Phoenix reside the Superstition Mountains that are not only known for their legends among the Apache people, who believe the entrance to the underworld lies somewhere in them, but also for the numerous disappearances that have occurred over the years. Though some of these are attributed to those who’ve tried to seek out the Lost Dutchman’s Mine full of gold. Read More

46 | Cahokia

Ancient City of Cahokia
Cahokia was settled around 600 AD. The historic site has long been a source of intrigue since Europeans explored Illinois in the 17th century.

The ruins of the ‘Ancient City of Cahokia’ lie in south-western Illinois between East St. Louis and Collinsville in the United States. Its inhabitants built enormous earthen mounds and vast plazas which served as markets and meeting places. Furthermore, they had very sophisticated agricultural practices that we use today. The people of Cahokia were at their civilizational height between 600 and 1400 AD. However, nobody is certain why the city was abandoned, npr how the region was able to support such a high-density urban civilization of up to 40,000 people for hundreds of years.

47 | Bennington Triangle

Bennington Triangle
“Bennington Triangle” is a phrase coined by New England author Joseph A. Citro during a public radio broadcast in 1992 to denote an area of southwestern Vermont within which a number of people went missing between 1945 and 1950. The area shares characteristics with the Bridgewater Triangle in neighboring Massachusetts. Precisely what area is encompassed in this hypothetical “mystery triangle” is not clear, but it is purportedly centered on Glastenbury Mountain and would include some or most of the area of the towns immediately surrounding it, especially Bennington, Woodford, Shaftsbury, and Somerset.

Bennington Triangle is located in southwestern Vermont, US, and is the site of a string of mysterious disappearances between 1945 and 1950, related in no way but geographic location. These include:

Middie Rivers, 75 years old, was out leading a group of hunters on November 12, 1945. On their way back, he got ahead of his group and was never seen again. Only a single rifle shell found in a stream was recovered as evidence.

Paula Welden was an 18 year old sophomore of Bennington College who was out hiking on December 1, 1946. She never returned and no trace of her was ever found.

Exactly 3 years later, on December 1, 1949, a veteran named James E. Tetford was taking a bus back to his home at the Bennington Soldier’s Home, returning from a visit with relatives. Witnesses saw him on the bus the stop before this, but when the bus arrived at his destination he was nowhere to be seen. His luggage was still on the bus.

Eight years old Paul Jepson disappeared on October 12, 1950, while his mother was busy feeding the pigs. Despite having a highly visible red jacket, none of the search parties formed were able to find the boy.

48 | Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch, northeastern Utah
Skinwalker Ranch © Prometheus Entertainment

“Skinwalker Ranch” a 480-acre compound in northeastern Utah is the site of many unexplained and harrowing incidents like roaring underground noises, the appearance of menacing blue orbs, attacks by shape-shifting beasts, and evidence of animal mutilations. Purchased in 1994 by a couple looking to raise cattle and quickly put on the market two years later, the ranch is now managed by the National Institute for Discovery Sciences, a paranormal research organization. Read More

49 | Guanabara Bay Of Brazil

Guanabara Bay of Brazil
Guanabara Bay with the statue of Christ the Redeemer at the foreground © Wikipedia

In 1982, a treasure hunter named Robert Marx, unearthed the remains of some 200 Roman ceramic jars, a few fully intact, from an underwater field in Brazil’s Guanabara Bay. Those twin-handled amphorae jars were used to transport goods such as grains and wine in the third century. But how did they get there? The first Europeans didn’t even reach Brazil until 1500!

50 | The Mysterious Lake Of Oregon

Oregon’s Lost Lake
Oregon’s Lost Lake Drains Down a Perplexing Hole © Band Bulletin/YouTube

On the mountains of Oregon, there is a mysterious lake that forms in every winter, then drains in the spring through two holes at the bottom of the lake, making an extensive meadow. No one is absolutely sure about where does all that water go. Scientists believe that the holes are the openings of lava tubes that are connected with a series of underground volcanic caverns, and the water probably refills an underground aquifer.

51 | The Centre Of The Universe

The Center of the Universe in Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Center of the Universe

There is a mysterious circle called “The Center of the Universe” in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the United States, which is made of broken concrete. If you talk while standing in the circle, you will hear your own voice echoing back at you but outside the circle, nobody can hear that echo sound. Even scientists are not so clear exactly why does it happen. Read More

52 | Kodinhi Village

Twin Town Kodinhi
Kodinhi, The Twin Town

In India, there’s a village called Kodinhi that is reported to have a whopping 240 pairs of twins born to just 2000 families. This is more than six times the global average and one of the highest twinning rates in the world. The village is popularly known as the “Twin Town of India.” Researchers are still finding the proper reasons behind the twins phenomena of Kodinhi. Read More

53 | Göbekli Tepe

Göbekli Tepe oldest megalithic structure ever found on earth
Göbekli Tepe site © MRU

Göbekli Tepe is the oldest megalithic structure ever found on earth. Discovered in modern-day Turkey, and still yet to be fully excavated, it dates to a baffling 12,000 years old. It’s not just the oldest site; it’s also the largest. Situated on a flat, barren plateau, the site is a spectacular 90,000 square meters. That’s bigger than 12 football fields. It’s 50 times larger than Stonehenge, and in the same breath, 6000 years older. The mysterious people who built Göbekli Tepe not only went to extraordinary lengths they did it with laser-like skill. Then, they purposely buried it and left. These peculiar facts have baffled archaeologists who have spent 20 years unearthing its secrets. Read More

54 | North Sentinel Island, India

North Sentinel Island
Satellite image of North Sentinel Island © NASA

This is one of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, where a group of indigenous people, the Sentinelese, live. Their population is estimated to be between 50 and 400 individuals. They live completely isolated and have rejected any contact with other people. The Indian Government has declared it off limits. Entry is made even more challenging by locals reported desire to kill outsiders. They have been known to fire arrows and throw rocks. In tha las few decades, a number of explorers, photographers and researchers have been killed by that indigenous group.

55 | Pine Gap, Australia

Pine Gap, Australia.
Pine Gap near Alice Springs in Central Australia © Wikipedia

Known as Australia’s equivalent to Area 51, this facility is run by the government and the CIA. It is the only place down under which is declared as a no-fly zone and is used as a monitoring station. What exactly they are monitoring, nobody knows. It employs over 800 people and has been subject to numerous public controversies over the years.

56 | Flannan Isles Lighthouse

Flannan Isles Lighthouse
Postcard from 1912 showing the Flannan Isles lighthouse © MRU

Flannan Isles Lighthouse is a lighthouse near the highest point on Eilean Mòr off the west coast of mainland Scotland. This lighthouse gets its creepiness from an event that took place in December, 1900. When a passing ship noticed that the lighthouse wasn’t operating as usual, a team were sent to investigate — what they discovered left them with more questions than answers. The three men who manned the lighthouse were nowhere to be seen. Despite the best efforts of investigators, no plausible explanation for the crew’s mysterious disappearance has ever been reached.