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We accept quality guest posts

We’re always looking for new guest authors and we welcome individual bloggers to contribute high-quality guest posts to MRU MEDIA [Mysteriesrunsolved.Com].

We will publish your submission that follows our simple Guest Posting Guidelines described below. In return, we will give you credit with proper attribution and a do-follow link.


  • The article should be relevant to our site niche and categories and should be worth reading.
  • The article must be written by you which means you should be the sole rights holder of the Content.
  • The article should be written without any grammatical errors and mistakes.
  • The article content should be long between 500 and 2500 words.
  • It will be great for us if you write SEO targeted popular posts for guest posting here.
  • Adult contents or 18+ contents, and hacking or dating sites promotional contents are strictly prohibited here.

Note: We only publish high-quality articles we like and we’ve rejected a lot of low-quality content submissions.


Do I get paid for submissions?

No, right now we do not pay for submissions but we are working on this and in future we might pay you as well.

How will you promote my article (content)?

We will give you full credit with a follow link under your article, and we will try our best to promote the post through our social fan pages and with suitable seo works.

Should I write a headline?

Please do! We reserve the right to tweak it for SEO, style, or just to make it more attention-grabbing. But if you want to suggest one, that makes our job easier.

Can I include citation links within the piece?

Sure! Please include citation links that will be helpful and relevant for the readers — they can be to appropriate posts on your blog or on any other site (the more reputable the source, the better). When you link to other posts on MRU MEDIA, that makes us happy. No affiliate or paid links. [Mark citation links and paragraphs with numbers like 1, 2, 3..]

Will you edit my submission?

We’ll edit for content and clarity, doing our best to preserve your voice. However, we will not publish it without your consent.

What should I write for my author bio?

Author bios can be fun and casual, or they can showcase what makes you an expert in your field. To get a better sense of what to write, check out some of the author bios on this site. Aim for 3-5 sentences. If you don’t want to show author bio in your article, then dont send, it’s alright.

How to edit and submit my article (content)?

You can edit your post in ARTICLE COMPOSE FORM (recommended) given below this page. Or you could edit and save your article in any .doc file format, and send us the file by email here.

Will you respond to my submission?

We’ll email you if we plan to publish it. Unfortunately, we can’t publish your submission if it doesn’t follow our guidelines properly. We don’t reply if we don’t plan to publish the article because we have a very small editorial team. Please know that it can take up to one week to review your submission; if you have not gotten a reply within two weeks, you can assume that it has not been accepted.

What should I do after my article (content) is published?

Share it with everyone! Sharing your article helps MRU MEDIA grow. Also, when it runs, we hope you’ll be active in the comments, responding to readers’ questions or thoughts.

Can I republish my submission on my personal blog?

No! We don’t accept submissions that were previously published on your personal blog.

I Accept & Submit ⟶

By clicking ‘Submit’ below the ARTICLE COMPOSE FORM, I accept the terms set out in the Guest Posting Guidelines and hereby irrevocably assign to MRU MEDA absolutely and with full title guarantee, all intellectual property rights and interest and all other rights in and to the Content (regardless of the format such Content is submitted in by me). Furthermore, I hereby confirm and agree that from the date I accept these terms and conditions and those further specified in the Guest Posting Guidelines, MRU MEDIA shall be exclusively entitled to exploit the Content in any manner or context, throughout the world, on any and all media whether now known or hereafter invented and in perpetuity. I also confirm that any third party or person who is featured in the Content has agreed to such terms and conditions.

I hereby state that I am the sole rights holder of the Content, I am over 18 years old and I accept the above Terms & Conditions OR I am the parent or legal guardian of the sole rights holder of the Content who is under 18 years old and I accept the above Terms & Conditions on the right’s holder’s behalf as agent or attorney, as if I was the rights holder for these purposes.


For further queries and concerns, contact us: [email protected]