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mummified bees pharaoh

Ancient cocoons reveal hundreds of mummified bees from the time of the Pharaohs

Approximately 2975 years ago, Pharaoh Siamun governed over Lower Egypt while the Zhou Dynasty ruled in China. Meanwhile, in Israel, Solomon awaited his succession to the throne after David. In the region that we now know as Portugal, the tribes were nearing the conclusion of the Bronze Age. Notably, in the present-day location of Odemira on the southwest coast of Portugal, an unusual and uncommon phenomenon had occurred: an extensive number of bees perished inside their cocoons, their intricate anatomical features impeccably preserved.
The human history timeline: The key events that shaped our world 3

The human history timeline: The key events that shaped our world

The human history timeline is a chronological summary of the major events and developments in human civilization. It begins with the emergence of early humans and continues through various civilizations, societies, and key milestones such as the invention of writing, the rise and fall of empires, scientific advancements, and significant cultural and political movements.
Lars Mittank

What really happened to Lars Mittank?

Lars Mittank's disappearance has sparked various theories, including his potential involvement in human trafficking, drug smuggling, or being a victim of organ trafficking. Another theory suggests that his disappearance may be linked to a more secret organization.