White-collar mysteries of the ‘dark web’

White-collar mysteries of the 'dark web' 1
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By now we have all heard at least a handful of horrific stories about the dark web. The sinister space on the internet where Google does not quite reach is known to be a smorgasbord of drug markets, child pornography, pirated movies and music, and adverts for hitmen and weapons. Hidden among the savage content revolving around murder and abuse, you will come across a number of sites that focus on what can probably best be described as the ‘white collar’ absurdities of the dark web.

White-collar mysteries of the 'dark web' 2
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Here you will read tales about credit card theft, fixed sports matches, and even preposterous SWAT operations among other very questionable and highly illegal activities.

Credit card details on sale now

Every year nearly 11 million Americans fall victim to credit card theft. While there are many perpetrators of credit card fraud, Atlantic Carding is a notable contributor. AC is a dark web-based service that sells credit card details and even Social Security numbers. Although the buying and selling of credit card details may be seen as a lesser evil as far as the dark web is concerned, it is still not the ideal place for law-abiding citizens. Sites such as AC also highlight the importance of parents being fully aware of the online activities of their kids at all times. While FBI sting operations have managed to uncover a number of perps, many questions remain unanswered. Where do operators such as AC obtain such a colossal amount of credit card data and why do so many fraudulent credit card transactions seemingly go undetected? Perhaps digging deeper on the dark web will reveal the answers.

Match-fixing is a real thing

Often when our favorite sporting team loses unexpectedly we proclaim, almost light-heartedly, that it must be due to match-fixing. After spending some time on the dark web, however, it becomes apparent that fixed sports matches are not just some made-up excuse used by indignant fans. The name Fixed Match Buy-In really does say it all. It fixes matches with a payout of at least 2:1. While it remains somewhat of a mystery how people who can afford the $20,000 buy-in are not money-savvy enough to steer clear of what might very well be just another scam, there is no denying that there is a huge market for dubious sports betting. In fact, according to Declan Hall, author of The Insider’s Guide to Match-fixing in Football, the practice is as old as the sport itself. It seems as if the dark web has simply given wings to the unethical custom.

SWAT operations for hire

If you have ever wondered whether expertly-trained SWAT teams sometimes kick down the doors of completely innocent and unsuspecting people the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ thanks to the dark web. For a long time SWATting, which involves obtaining the IP address of the victim and then laying a false report of a critical incident such as hostage situations, bomb threats, and other forms of terrorism were somewhat of a mystery. It has since been revealed that the service can be obtained on the dark web for as little as $5. Although many Regular Joes have fallen victim to SWATting, politicians and celebrities have also been targeted.

The dark web is not a friendly place. Apart from the abundance of content revolving around unthinkable cruelty, it is also a space where fraudsters and extortionists reign supreme.

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