Nikola Tesla secretly discovered an extraterrestrial language that he didn’t understand, Tesla’s biographer revealed

Nikola Tesla secretly discovered an extraterrestrial language that he didn't understand, Tesla's biographer revealed 5

In 1899, Nikola Tesla was testing his own created transmitter to track storms 1,000 km away, when suddenly, he believed he had received a kind of transmission from an unknown source. He thought it was an extraterrestrial signal originating somewhere within our solar system, possibly coming from Mars. Tesla’s transmitter was ultra-sensitive enough to receive radio waves from far beyond Earth. Nikola Tesla firmly believed, it was absurd to think that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe. He also believed that intelligent beings would naturally look for ways to communicate with other intelligent beings.

Tesla Broadcast Tower
Tesla Broadcast Tower

Tim R. Swartz, a well-known biographer of Nikola Tesla, also says there may have been a connection between the futuristic inventor and intelligent aliens, according to his semi-autobiographical book “The Lost Papers of Nikola Tesla: HAARP – Chemtrails and Secrets of Alternative 4.”

This hypothesis does nothing more than accentuate the mystery surrounding Tesla, whose personal documents and notes, for the most part, were confiscated by the US government. Many people think that his inventions could be potentially dangerous to the interests of the industry.

Electrical Oscillator
Electrical Oscillator

As explained by Swartz, during the test of one of his many inventions, Tesla detected radio transmissions that adjudged to extraterrestrial communications. After this event, the inventor would have become obsessed with building better and more powerful radio receivers.

Experiments In Colorado
Experiments In Colorado

While testing the device, Swartz claimed in an interview, Nikola Tesla overheard radio transmissions he believed were actually attributed to extraterrestrial communications:

“He wondered at the time if he wasn’t listening to ‘one planet greeting another,’ as he put it. From that point on, it became somewhat of an obsession of his, to build better and better radio receivers to try to see if he could repeat what he heard. He got to the point where he claimed that he was actually receiving voice transmissions. He said it sounded just like people talking back and forth to each other. He made notes saying that he was actually hearing intelligent beings from another planet talking to each other, although he didn’t know what language they were speaking. But he still felt he understood them.”

At the time, it was surmised by prominent scientists that Mars would be a likely haven for intelligent life in our solar system, and Tesla at first thought these signals may be originating from our red planet.

Tesla's Electrical Oscillator
Tesla’s Electrical Oscillator

While Tesla’s most prominent records and personal notes are in the hands of the United States Army, Swartz claims to have acquired a number of private records at a 1976 auction. The author claims that all this information was missing from the face of the Earth after the visit of the alleged “Men in Black”. As noted by National Geographic, most of Tesla’s were taken by the government but most of his belongings were later released to his family, and many ended up in the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, which opened in the 1950s. But some of Tesla’s papers are still classified by the U.S. government.

Collier's weekly (9 February 1909)
Collier’s weekly (9 February 1909)

When interviewed in February 1901 by Colliers Weekly (American magazine, founded in 1888 by Peter Collier), Tesla gave this account and recorded his belief in extraterrestrials. Here, in his own words, he described

“While I was improving my machines for the production of intense electrical currents, I was also perfecting the means to observe the small effects. One of the most interesting results and also of great practical importance, was the development of certain devices to indicate an approaching storm from a distance of many hundreds of kilometres, its direction, speed and distance covered

It was by doing this work that, for the first time, I discovered these mysterious effects that aroused such unusual interest. I had perfected the device so much, that from my laboratory in the mountains of Colorado I could observe all the electrical changes that occurred within a radius of more than 1,000 km away

I will never forget the first sensations I experienced when I realized that I had seen something of incalculable consequences for humanity. I felt as if I was present at the birth of new knowledge or in the revelation of a great truth. My first observations positively terrified me, because there was something mysterious, if not supernatural, about them, and I was alone in my laboratory at night but at that time the idea that these disturbances were intelligently controlled signals had not yet presented itself to me

The changes I noticed were occurring periodically and with such clear precision, in terms of number and order, that they were not traceable to any cause known to me. I was familiar, of course, with the types of electrical disturbances produced by the Sun, Northern Lights and terrestrial currents, and I was absolutely certain that these variations were not due to any of these causes

The nature of my experiments prevented the possibility of the changes being produced by atmospheric disturbances, as has been wrongly stated by some. It was sometime later when the thought came to my mind that the disturbances I had observed could be due to intelligent control

Although I was unable, at the time, to decipher their meaning, it was impossible to think of them as having been entirely accidental. The feeling that I was the first to hear a greeting from one planet to another has been growing steadily in me. A purpose was behind these electrical signals.”

The crucial point was that, although Nikola Tesla could not decipher the meaning of the messages he received, he believed that aliens were interested in Earth and being more technologically advanced left their marks on our planet. He was absolutely convinced that somewhere in the universe there were intelligent life forms and that they were trying to communicate with us.


  1. Gosto muito do assunto e sinto muito sermos ludibriados para não ter informações sobre a participação de extra terrestres em nosso cotidiano.

    1. Compare Tesla and Edgar Cayce. Watch some of the YouTube videos about him.Dig a bit and you my find that he and Tesla was born and grew up in the same area. I may be off but I recall Bosnia. They were special in two totally different fields that overlap, but some things they said, like where they get their information from, overlap.

  2. É realmente de fato muitíssimo interessante tudo que se refere a existência extra terrestre.
    Obrigado pela excelente matéria!!!

  3. Eu tenho lembranças de quando criança, uns dois ou três anos, eu me perguntava o que eu estou fazendo dentro desse corpo, pois era uma sensação desconfortável, considerando que eu tinha certeza absoluta que eu não era desse ambiente, eu olhava as estrelas e uma emoção de saudade e tristeza por está longe de minha casa. Gostaria muito de fazer uma regressão pra saber exato de onde eu vim. Tenho muitas lembranças de já ter voltado a essa terra na época dos castelos. Uma vidente do nada sem saber nada sobre minha pessoa, disse que eu já fui um guerreiro muito valente e vinha de uma família de grandes guerreiros. Acredito 100% em tudo que se diz fora dessa aldeia global.

  4. Nikola Tesla sabia muita coisa, pena que não deixaram ele divulgar todo os seus trabalhos. Assim que ele faleceu o governo americano pegou quase tudo que ele tinha feito.

  5. Um homem inteligente, em busca de conhecimento que fizesse a humanidade evoluir. Foi privilegiado por descobertas e invenções magníficas. Admiro muito.

  6. O Tesla descobriu esses cabeçudos feitos em Hollywood? Ora, ou eram bonecos ou dois operários levando abóboras na cabeça. Os extraterrestres possuem nossa forma e não andam pelados. Seus tarados! Pervertidos!

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