Adrian Jones: The horrific story of the boy who was fed to pigs

Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones’s short, tortured life was spent isolated from outsiders, confined in filthy, mice-infested houses where he was “home-schooled” by the parents who ultimately killed him.

Adrian jones, Michael Jones and his wife Heather Jones
Michael Jones and his wife Heather Jones pleaded guilty to murdering their son © Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office

Heather Jones, along with her husband Michael Jones, subjected Michael’s 7-year-old son Adrian Jones to a horrendous nine-month-long ordeal of torture and abuse.

The Killing Of Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones: The horrific story of the boy who was fed to pigs 3
7-year-old Adrian Jones was tortured to death, with images of his horror caught on the couple’s surveillance camera © family handout

The little boy Adrian endured unbearable pain and sufferings at the hands of his father and stepmother that was meticulously documented, through dozens of surveillance cameras. As Adrian’s family moved from place to place across Kansas and Missouri, his stepmother captured photos of the horrors, images stored online and later recovered by authorities.

Adrian’s brief life was of a great suffering, as described by police and prosecutors. In several instances, he was shown strapped to a table and blindfolded, or standing in neck-deep freezing water in the family’s dirty swimming pool overnight. In other photographs, his mouth looks bloody and bruised, his teeth rotting, his hands swollen from being restrained. They beat him until he bled and zapped him with a stun gun.

Adrian jones
Heather photographed Adrian just after torturing him © family handout

The abuse was so bad the youngster’s ankles were left bent out of shape and he died scar-ridden and emaciated. In another picture, Adrian appears to be tied up with a plate of food in front of him, a bar of soap in his mouth.

A child told investigators he heard Adrian screaming “I’m going to die” through a vent and his stepmother, Heather Jones, telling him to “suck it up.”

Adrian jones, heather jones
Heather even took selfies of herself right in front of the shower where Adrian was confined. The wires connect to the surveillance camera that was jerry-rigged inside the shower © family handout

During his final days in fall 2015, the young boy was trapped in a white-tiled shower stall and left to starve and die. Then his body was fed to pigs, according to authorities. The young boy’s remains were found in a livestock pen on the family’s property on November 20, 2015.

Trouble Sprouted From Adrian’s Early Days

For Adrian’s first two years of life, he lived with his biological mother and siblings in Lawrence, Kan. After the toddler was found at home unsupervised, he was removed from his mother’s home and placed in the custody of his father.

Adrian jones
Before he was subjected to a horrendous campaign of abuse, little Adrian was pictured smiling for the camera © family photo

There, Heather Jones homeschooled Adrian and his 7 sisters (ages 11 to 1). Adrian and two girls were Michael’s children from previous relationships, while the other four girls were Michael and Heather’s biological children together.

But within three months of Adrian moving in with his father and stepmother, Kansas child welfare workers became aware of problems in the home. Hotline calls began pouring in with troubling information: his father had guns all over the house, his stepmother was observed to be high on drugs, according to the lawsuit.

Adrian jones
Adrian with his mother, Dainna Pearce, and siblings © Photo: family handout

Adrian’s siblings were reported to have suffered significant weight loss and a number of physical injuries, the lawsuit claims. Other calls reported evidence that Adrian was being beaten and choked by his father and stepmother. One hotline caller said Adrian had been spanked to the point where his buttocks were bleeding.

Adrian eventually underwent treatment for disruptive behaviour and “parent-child relationship problem,” the lawsuit states. His father and stepmother reported that Adrian frequently wet the bed, stole and hoarded food, picked at sores and lit fires — characteristics that the lawsuit says are common in young victims of child abuse.

“Mommy And Daddy Lock Me In My Room By Myself.” – Adrian Jones

In a July 2013 interview with a Missouri Children’s Division worker and a police officer, Adrian — then age 5 — said his father would kick him so violently in the back of his head that a “little bone come out,” the Kansas City Star reported.

“My daddy keeps hitting me in the head and punches me in the stomach and my mom keeps pulling on my ears and it really hurts,” Adrian said. “Mommy and Daddy lock me in my room by myself. Mommy and Daddy can’t feed me.”

Heather Jones Made A Reference To An Episode Of “The Walking Dead”

Leading up to the boy’s death, his stepmother, Heather Jones, often posted angry rants about Adrian on a private Facebook page, and alluded to wanting to kill him. On Christmas Day 2014, the stepmother made a reference to wanting to simulate an episode of “The Walking Dead” in which a character shoots a child in the back of the head.

Three days later, Heather Jones posted that she “might be the next (redacted) and have to feed some pigs a body.” Just over a year after Adrian was discharged from the residential treatment center, he died.

The Cruel Pair Are Now Both Serving Life In Prison

Adrian jones, heather jones
Heather Jones’ mugshot from the Topeka Correctional Center where she is serving a life sentence without possibility of parole for 25 years

In 2016, Heather Jones, 31, pleaded guilty to one count of murder and two counts of child abuse. She was sentenced to a life sentence which means she will serve 25 years before she’s eligible for parole. She’ll be 51 years old.

Michael Jones, 46, originally pleaded guilty to first degree felony murder and was sentenced to life in prison. He will not be paroled for another 25 years.

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  1. Why are these people not dead from execution? In what universe would it be fair these steaming piles of canine excrement might be allowed to be released from prison?

    They are evil personified and do not deserve to breathe the same air as normal, law-abiding, productive members of society.

    The entire situation makes me want to puke my guts out.

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