24 scariest haunted dolls you do not want in your home

Annabelle Haunted Doll
Annabelle, The Haunted Doll © MRU

Real Haunted Dolls are a very popular subject because there are so many victim reports that have bad experiences with haunted dolls from all over the world. Several stores sell haunted dolls, and some people have a vast collection of haunted dolls. Such dolls include Robert the Doll, Amanda, Pupa the Haunted Doll, Mandy the Doll and the famous Annabelle Doll currently showcased in the Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ Occult Museum. Besides these famous names, there are so many others that haunt people terribly.

Annabelle Haunted Doll
Annabelle, The Haunted Doll © MRU

1 | Robert – The Evil Talking Doll

Robert – The Evil Talking Doll
Robert the Doll now lives at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida © Susan Smith/Flickr

Robert the Doll is said to be one of the most haunted dolls in history. The museum where he currently lives claims that Robert moves around at night on his own and follows you around with his beady eyes. One of the museum rules is, if you don’t ask Robert for permission before taking a photo, he will cause misfortune in your life for disrespecting him.

2 | Annabelle – The Haunted Doll

Annabelle – The Haunted Doll © MRU

In 1970, a mother purchased an antique Raggedy Anne doll as a present for her daughter Donna on her birthday. Pleased with the doll, Donna placed it on her bed as a decoration. With time, she noticed something very strange and creepy about the doll. The doll apparently moved on its own and even changed its position and much worse, would be found in a completely different room from which it was placed.

Donna later seeks the advice of a priest who then contacted expert paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who after visiting Donna, took the ragdoll with them when they left. Annabelle’s antics were so bad, she is now locked inside a protective glass case in an occult museum to keep her at bay. It is still reported that Annabelle somehow manages to turn up in the strangest of places.

Even though she lives in a glass case, Annabelle is still responsible for many deaths. Years ago, a teenage boy and his girlfriend visited the museum in Ohio, where Annabelle resided. The boy insulted the doll, slamming her case, saying how it’s bullshit, he was then kicked out. The boy and girl got on a motorcycle and left. As they were driving, the boy lost control of his bike and slammed into a tree, he died on impact, but his girlfriend survived without a scratch. Right before they crashed, they were laughing about the doll.

3 | Okiku – The Haunted Japanese Doll

Okiku – The Haunted Japanese Doll
Okiku Doll At Menenji Temple

According to modern Japanese folklore, in 1918, a teenager named Eikichi Suzuki purchased a large doll from Hokkaido for his younger sister, Okiku, who gave the doll her name. When Okiku died, her family came to believe that Okiku’s spirit was inhabiting the doll and the hair on the doll was growing. The doll resides in Mannenji Temple in Hokkaido, where it is claimed that a priest regularly trims Okiku’s still-growing hair.

4 | Letta The Doll – The Gipsy Doll That Cries Out “Letta Me Out!”

Letta The Doll Letta me out
Letta The Doll also known as “Letta me out” © Facebook

Kerry Walton, of Brisbane, Australia has appeared on a number of television programs with a doll he claims to have found while visiting an abandoned building in 1972 in Wagga Wagga, Australia. According to Walton, he named the doll “Letta Me Out” because of its supposedly supernatural characteristics. Kerry claims that people have seen the doll move in front of them, and that the doll has left visible scuff marks around the house. Currently, Letta Me Out is owned by Kerry in Warwick, Queensland.

5 | Pupa – The Haunted Doll With Real Human Hair

Pupa the Haunted Doll
Pupa the Haunted Doll

According to stories published on the internet, Pupa is a doll said to “contain the spirit” of a dead Italian girl. Pupa the Doll was made in the likeness of her owner, a young girl in Italy in the 19203. Pupa became that little girl’s best friend and secret keeper, until the end of her life in 2005. Since then, Pupa has been kept in a display cabinet, which she does not seem to like at all. They often find the doll positioned differently than where they left her. The family who now owns Pupa says objects in the display case where she is kept are frequently moved around. On several occasions, they have heard a tapping on the glass of the case. Upon hearing the noise, they look to find Pupa’s hands pressed against the glass.

6 | Mandy – The Cracked Face Doll

Mandy the Doll, England
Mandy the Doll at Quesnel Museum

Made in England or Germany between 1910 and 1920, Mandy is a porcelain baby doll donated to the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia in 1991. Mandy is also said to have supernatural powers. It is claimed that Mandy’s eyes follow visitors as they walk in the room. The doll gained notoriety when it appeared alongside the curator and donor of the doll on the Montel Williams Show.

7 | The Pulau Ubin Barbie Doll

The Pulau Ubin Barbie Doll The German Girl Shrine, Berlin Heilingtum
The German Girl Legend and Barbie Worship at the Pulau Ubin Temple © YouTube

The German Girl Shrine, also known as Berlin Heilingtum, is situated on the island of Pulau Ubin and is one of the most unconventional shrines in Singapore, dedicated to an unnamed German girl who is worshipped as a local deity. An altar is placed within a hardwood structure that was built in the place of a small yellow hut to honour her memory, where visitors pay tribute to the unnamed German girl by leaving behind an array of items like candles, fruits, perfumes, nail polish, and lipstick as offerings.

Inside the hut, there is a cross and a cased barbie doll placed at the altar. Though, numerous stories surround the origin of the German Girl Shrine, the most widely believed one is that during World War I an 18-year old German girl jumped to her death in a bid to run away from the British forces who were rounding up German families on the island. Locals and travellers pay their tribute to the memory of the young German girl whose body was found by the coffee plantation workers.

8 | The Doll That Aged

The Doll That Aged
The Doll That Aged

When dolls age they tend to look quite creepy: hair falls out, colour fades, cracks appear and, at times, the eyes go missing. It’s a natural process that comes with time and neglect. But this doll is different. A couple, who had children, one birthday or Christmas they bought their young daughter a doll. Although the doll had been well played with it was still in a rather good condition when it was placed in an attic and forgotten about. Eleven years later, the family was having a cleanout of the attic when they stumbled across this rather odd-looking doll. The doll was wrinkled and aged like a person does, though much more rapidly. Therefore, it has led many to believe it to be a haunted living doll.

9 | The Peruvian Anabelle

The Peruvian Anabelle
Possessed blue-eyed Peruvian Anabelle doll wanders round the house and scratches their children as they sleep © YouTube

The Nunez Family, who live in EL Callao, Peru, claim to have suffered seven years of misery at the hands of a “possessed angelic-looking doll” since it was given to them as a gift. They usually see strange lights, hear weird noises in the house and the doll apparently moves around the house on its own. And the most strange thing is that the bizarre scratches which often appear on their children. The blue-eyed doll has been dubbed the ‘Peruvian Anabelle’ by netizens.

10 | The Cookie Monster Doll And The Elmo Doll

The Cookie Monster Doll And The Elmo Doll
The Cookie Monster Doll (left) and The Elmo Doll (right) © Flickr

In the 1980s, many reports of children having nightmares, brought on by sleeping with a cookie monster doll. What got people worried about this was not because the children were having nightmares, but that all the nightmares were the same. They would wake up in their bed in the dark, and see a man in the shadows staring at them. Over the years, this happened less and less, however, children with Elmo Dolls are now experiencing these nightmares.

The furry red Elmo Doll is one of the most successful toys ever sold. Talking Elmo Dolls have been a must-have holiday gift since the first one was sold in 1996. Early Elmos giggled when they were tickled. They acquired larger vocabularies as the years went on. But that doesn’t explain the ‘Elmo Knows Your Name’ doll purchased by the Bowman family in 2008 for their two-year-old son James. ‘Elmo Knows Your Name’ was programmed to speak its owner’s name along with a few other phrases. But when the Bowmans changed Elmo’s batteries, he started ad-libbing. In a sing-songy voice, the doll chanted “Kill James.” Not something any parent is likely to find endearing.

11 | Charley – The Haunted Doll

Charley – The Haunted Doll
Charley The Haunted Doll

Charley was first discovered in the attic of an old Victorian home in upstate New York in 1968. Charley was locked away inside a trunk with newspapers dating back to the 1930s and a yellowed piece of paper that had the Lord’s Prayer written on it. The family placed the figurine on display with their other dolls and toys. Soon, however, Charley seemed to move on its own, swapping places with the other toys.

Not long thereafter, the family’s youngest daughter claimed that Charley spoke to her in the middle of the night. The parents dismissed the claim, chalking it up to their daughter’s overactive imagination. But the little girl and her siblings were terrified of Charley; they refused to go near it. When mysterious scratches appeared on the little girl’s body, the family decided to lock Charley back up in the attic trunk. Charley now resides at Local Artisan, a Beverly, Massachusetts oddities shop just minutes away from Salem. Swing by and say hello!

12 | Ruby – The Haunted Doll

Ruby The Haunted Doll
Ruby The Haunted Doll © Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult

Like a few of the dolls on this list, Ruby could never stay in one place at a time. Its owners often found the doll in different rooms of the house. What’s more, picking up Ruby induced feelings of sadness and nausea.

According to its former owners, Ruby was passed down from generation to generation. The doll’s spooky origin traces back many years ago to a young family relative, who was said to have passed away while clutching the figurine. After jumping between different family members, Ruby has now found her forever home at The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult, where visitors often feel an overwhelming feeling of sorrow from the doll.

13 | Mercy – The Haunted Evil Doll

Mercy The Haunted Evil Doll
Mercy The Haunted Evil Doll

The haunted evil doll Mercy is said to be possessed by the spirit of a seven-year-old girl and remains haunted due to its presence. Several unusual happenings surrounded the doll and many owners reported that the doll changes the positions of its own and the radio or television station changes when the doll is around.

14 | Amanda

Amanda the Haunted doll
Amanda the Haunted doll

Amanda was considered to be a doll with a lonely spirit who was sold more than 10 times without staying in the same place for long. Many believed that the doll brought bad luck and others reported that the doll made unusual noises and tends to change its positions of her own.

15 | Peggy

Peggy the haunted doll
Peggy the doll © PA Real Life

Peggy was believed to be haunted that triggers headaches and chest pain and has an effect on those who have never ever been around her. The videos and photos of the doll caused many to suffer from anxiety, headaches and other mental disorders and it also resulted in a heart attack to a woman after viewing the online videos of the doll.

16 | The Blindfolded Doll

The Blindfolded Doll
The Blindfolded Doll follows that person who removes its blindfold © Twitter

With its name unknown, the doll was commonly known as the “Blindfolded Doll” with its eyes covered by a blindfold. The reports about the ability of the doll to move around of its own, moving its head from side to side and that it speaks in an adult woman’s voice altogether left the doll haunted. However, many believed that whoever lifted the blindfold was indeed followed by the creepiness of the doll.

17 | Caroline

Caroline The haunted porcelain doll
Caroline The haunted porcelain doll

This haunted porcelain doll is said to be haunted by three spirits and was found at a Massachusetts antique shop. In regards to the spirits, they fight for control of the doll, often acting as one entity. While this may sound bad, it is believed that the spirits that currently possess Caroline were actually the former owners of the doll and that they are actually benevolent.

Caroline reportedly never harms her owners, but instead, she plays harmless pranks on them. She would do things like hiding books behind the bookshelves or put unlit candles in the oven while it was off, and she would purposefully misplace objects. many believe that when you hold the Caroline doll up to your ear, it may start talking and whispering to you.

18 | Christina – The Peaceful Haunted Doll

Christina The Peaceful Haunted Doll
Christina The Peaceful Haunted Doll

“Christiana, The Peaceful Haunted Doll” was bought on eBay over 4 years ago and she still has a few haunted tricks up sleeves. If you look closely at her eyes, you can see that something paranormal is going on. Christina loves having her pictures taken but when she has had enough, then watch out! The series of photos of her will start to change as you see the ghost inside her manifest itself. At times, she just sits peacefully in her chair, at other times she will be found out of her little chair and onto the floor. She also changes positions or she is slumped to one side of the chair as if asleep. If you brush the knots out of her hair, it gets tangled the very next day. It seems that Christina likes watching television.

19 | Joliet – Haunted Doll

Joliet Haunted Doll
Joliet Haunted Doll

Joliet is a strange doll that belongs to a woman named Anna. Joliet has been in Anna’s family for four generations. A friend of the family gave Joliet to Anna’s great grandmother as a baby shower gift when she was expecting a child. However, this friend was not a true friend; she harboured envy and malice, though it is unclear why.

The doll brought a curse into the family, and therefore, negative things began to take place. The curse would dictate that each woman, starting with Anna’s great grandmother, would have one boy and one girl. Each boy would die soon after being born, while the daughter would grow up to perpetuate the curse. This is exactly what happened over and again in a series. First, to Anna’s great grandmother, then to Anna’s grandmother, mother, and ultimately her. She too had a boy that died three days old.

The doll is currently said to possess four spirits, and the family refuses to part with it. They can now hear multiple cries coming from Joliet, and they truly believe the spirits of those four children are in Joliet. They will continue to care for the doll as a part of the family, and Anna’s daughter will one day inherit Joliet, who will wait patiently for her next victim.

20 | Katza – The Cursed Russian Dol

Katza The Cursed Russian Doll
Katza The Cursed Russian Doll

Katja is a cursed doll! This name was given by Tsar Mistresses in Russia in 1730. A mistress was pregnant and wished for a baby boy; the opposite happened and the baby girl was burnt alive. It was said that the baby girl had some defects.

When this happened, the baby’s mom made a doll from the baby’s ashes and mixed the same with ceramic and porcelain. After that, all generations have guarded the doll because they believe it’s cursed. Some people say that when you stare at it for 20 seconds, it blinks at you. In fact, this is a sign of something bad happening. The doll was up for sale on eBay but soon, the company closed the thread because some weird incidents were reported.

21 | Emilia – The Haunted Italian Doll

Emilia The Haunted Italian Doll
Emilia The Haunted Italian Doll

This over 100-year-old haunted doll came originally from one of the royal guards to King Umberto I. Umberto I was the King of Italy from 9 January 1878 until his death on July 29, 1900. He was deeply loathed in left-wing circles, especially among anarchists, because of his hard-line conservatism and support of the Bava Beccaris massacre in Milan. He was killed by anarchist Gaetano Bresci one year after the incident. He was the only King of Italy to be assassinated. This doll named Emilia was said to be given to Ulvado Bellina one of his most trusted and respected friends and personal Captain of the Royal Guard who was also assassinated. Then Emilia was sent as a gift to Ulvado’s daughter Marie from Humbert I.

The doll survived WWI and WWII only losing both her arms and scalp in the second war to a bomb on a train to Udine, Italy. Because she was a prized gift to Marie Bellina from the king no matter what condition she was in, the doll was rescued from the rubble. And from that day on, she was haunted by the soul of the woman who died trying to rescue herself and the doll for Marie as they fled the explosion.
Emilia the Haunted Doll is said to open and close her eyes, and her soundbox is still heard at times in the darkness of the night crying for its mama. Though her original voice box no longer works. Marie loved this doll so much she even named her daughter Emilia.

22 | Harold – The First Haunted Doll Ever Sold On eBay

Harold the Haunted Doll
Harold the Haunted Doll

The man who sold this doll on eBay was petrified by its presence. He had bought it at a flea market from a desolate father who wanted to sell the doll because he believed it was responsible for his son’s death. He was warned that the doll was ‘eerie’ but he didn’t believe until he lost his cat, his girlfriend and started suffering from chronic migraines. He kept it in an armadillo coffin in his basement for a year from where he could hear the laughing and crying of a baby. He also claimed that the doll seemed to have a pulse. The doll has changed several hands by now. Beware when you’re shopping online!

23 | The Voodoo Zombie Doll That Attacked Its Owner Several Times

The Voodoo Zombie Doll
The Voodoo Zombie Doll

One must listen to the directions of the salesman when buying something, especially when buying a haunted doll. A woman in Texas learnt this the hard way. She bought a haunted voodoo doll on eBay and not taking the warning seriously, took it out of its coffin. She was attacked by the doll and severely injured. she hurriedly put it back in its place but to no avail. Her attempts to sell the doll or burn it were a failure. She would find it sitting in the living room at night, making weird noises. Several attacks later, she called for a priest who blessed the doll and locked it up in her basement.

24 | Smoking Demon Doll

Smoking Demon Doll
Smoking Demon Doll

In 2014, residents in Jurong West reported sightings of a demonic doll at the void deck of a block of HDB flats. Only one grainy picture ever provided proof of these sightings and it’s already giving major evil spirit vibes.

It’s hard to pick up anything other than its horns, tufts of jet black hair, squarish jaw and strange sitting position. People who saw it claimed it was holding a cigarette in its hand. Residents haven’t seen it again since that one incident. Maybe it left its lepak spot after a good smoking session. That could explain the vague smile on its face.


The Doll Island
The Dolls’ Island Mexico City
The Dolls’ Island, Mexico City

Just south of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimilco, there’s a small island that was never meant to be a tourist destination, but through tragedy has become one. Legend has it that a girl was found drowned under mysterious circumstances on the island, and to quell her spirit thousands of dolls found their way to the island. There are severed limbs, decapitated heads and blank eyes that just stare at you. The rumour has it that she inhabits the dolls, so it’s not odd to see them opening their eyes or moving.

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