The tragic murder of Flávia Mafra: Her unborn child was cut out of her womb!

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On August 28, 2020, a young pregnant Brazilian woman named Flávia Godinho Mafra was found dead with her unborn child cut out of her womb after being lured to a “fake baby shower” by a friend who had become obsessed with stealing a child.

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24-years-old Flávia Godinho Mafra was 36 weeks pregnant when she was murdered in the town of Canelinha, in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

Murder Of Flávia Godinho Mafra

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Flávia Godinho Mafra and her husband, Valdeli Mafra | Facebook

Flávia disappeared on Thursday afternoon of August 27, 2020, when she left for the supposed baby shower that would take place in São João Batista. The next day at around 9 AM, Flávia’s body was reportedly found by her husband Valdeli Mafra and her mother. It had been dumped in an abandoned pottery yard in the Galera neighbourhood, but the baby was missing.

Investigators strongly suspected one of Flávia’s close friends because of many foul plays and suspicious activities. Police later found that Marfa’s just born baby had been taken to the hospital by the suspect and her husband, who were both arrested.


According to the police investigation, the arrested woman, who was an old school friend of the victim, told the police officer she had lost a child due to a miscarriage in January and had become obsessed with stealing a child. She continued to lie to everyone that she was still pregnant. Her partner admitted using a brick to kill Flávia after luring her to the murder scene on the pretence of a baby shower.

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The murder scene: An abandoned pottery yard in the Galera neighbourhood

Paulo Alexandre Freyesleben e Silva, the main detective in the case, confirmed that the cause of death of 24-year-old Flávia was a sharp cut to the abdomen and wounds from a brick.

Health Condition Of The Baby

The baby girl ― named Cecilia ― remained in the Children’s Hospital of Florianopolis, where she had been given antibiotics and pain medication for the injuries sustained when she was ripped from her mother’s belly, but was otherwise in good general health.

Funeral Of Flávia Godinho Mafra

Flávia, who studied pedagogy and worked as a substitute teacher, was buried in the Municipal Cemetery of Canelinha after a brief ceremony.

During the ceremony, friend Jeisiane Benevenute Pacheco described young Flávia as a “caring, sweet and very generous person. She was very kind-hearted to people. She trusted people a lot and she ended up trusting this woman who took her life,” she said.

Two Similar Cases Of Fetal Abduction:

Fetal abduction is a rare crime of child abduction by kidnapping of an at term pregnant mother and extraction of her fetus through a crude cesarean section. This disgusting crime is also known as the “fetus-snatching.” There are more than two dozen of Fetal Abduction cases in gruesome crime history. Tragically, in most cases, neither the mother nor the fetus have been survived.

The Case Of Kathy Coy
Kathy Michelle Coy © Murderpedia
Kathy Michelle Coy © Murderpedia

In a very similar case, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Kathy Coy cut out Jamie Stice’s fetus and left Stice to bleed to death on a rural road. Coy initially claimed she’d given birth to the baby five weeks premature, but doctors determined that the baby wasn’t hers.

Police found that Coy was friends on Facebook with Stice and another pregnant woman, and she herself was pretending to be pregnant for the last few months. The other woman was unharmed, but police grew suspicious when they couldn’t find Stice.

After intense questioning, Coy led police to Stice’s body. It was a horrible scene that can’t be described in words. Coy pleaded guilty but mentally ill to avoid the death penalty. In March 2012, she was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Case Of Dynel Lane
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Dynel Lyne, 34, who is accused of stabbing a pregnant woman in the stomach and removing her baby, while the expectant mother visited her home to buy baby clothes advertised on Craigslist © AP Photo/ Longmont Police Department

In another similar case from 2015, Dynel Lane of Colorado lured 26-year-old Michelle Wilkins with a Craigslist advertisement for baby clothes. The seven months pregnant Wilkins responded to the advertisement and went to Lane’s home. Then Lane beat and stabbed Wilkins before ripping out the fetus from her body in her basement.

Lane’s husband had come home and she had claimed to have had a miscarriage. Her husband had found the baby in the bathtub and rolled it over and saw it gasping for air. He then took both Lane and the baby to the hospital. The baby was actually dead or died within minutes.

Wilkins survived the attack and while in Lane’s basement she was able to lock the door, call 911, and get medical assistance.

In February 2016, Lane was convicted of attempted murder, assault, and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. She was sentenced to 100 years behind bars.

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