Truth and lies about amorous exploits of Grigori Rasputin

Truth and lies about amorous exploits of Grigori Rasputin 1

Grigori Rasputin was a lot of things. He is instrumental in understanding the history of Russia. He is instrumental in learning about the fall of the Russian Empire, and according to some, he was instrumental in how Russia was run under the last Tsar. He was a religious man, adopting religion early in his life and then rediscovering it when he was around 28. He was known to be a healer, a monk, and a prevalent figure in Nicholas II’s court.

Truth and lies about amorous exploits of Grigori Rasputin 2

In reality, Rasputin was an individual who came from a very humble beginning. Living in a very small Russian village, he was born to a very poor Russian peasant. Indeed, he has had a lot of influence on Russian history and the culture created in the empire.

However, this is not a discussion of Rasputin’s spirituality, mischief, or religious journey. This is not a biography. This is a discussion and dissection of the several sexual relations Rasputin has had. Before discussing anything related to Gregory Rasputin, however, there is a theme we need to establish. Rasputin was a very controversial figure. The propaganda created by the revolutionaries did not help his reputation.

Gossips About His Affair With Russian Queen

Truth and lies about amorous exploits of Grigori Rasputin 3
Grigori Rasputin | Born on 21 January 1869, in Pokrovskoye, Tyumensky Uyezd, Tobolsk Governorate (Siberia), Russian Empire | Died on 17 December 1916 (aged 47), at Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire

Grigori Rasputin’s journey to the Royal court is shrouded in mystery, intrigue, and clouded by mists of propaganda. Sure, there are broad strokes available which allow us to have a general view of how his life went. We know about his religious pilgrimage, but the reason is mysterious. Was it a spiritual journey, or was he just running away from prosecution? Similarly, we know about his journey as a religious individual. Still, the present historical documents just don’t permit us to fully understand the “whats” and “when” of his journey.

One such aspect shrouded in mystery is the reason why he got to the Tsar’s court. He got there because the son of the Tsar was ill. Rasputin could put the King’s son at ease. How he did that was a mystery. Some suggest hypnosis, while others suggest some medical treatment. Some believe that allowing mental rest was key to the treatment done by Rasputin. Whatever it may be, it didn’t matter what the public thought, not yet at least. All that mattered was what Alexandra thought of Rasputin. She believed that he had performed a miracle. Ever since then, he was a permanent member of the Tsar’s court.

Alexandra, the Queen, believed that Rasputin was especially crucial to the Tsar’s support. Ever since then, he was a mainstay in the King’s court. In fact, he was so vital that many started believing him to be the secret ruler of Russia. This, as it turns out, was propaganda against him by the revolutionaries.

There was one particular aspect of Rasputin’s time at the court, which was ever so popular and discussed all the time. It was his sexual deviancy and the fact that he had a very unconventional lifestyle. He used to drink and entertain prostitutes. Many in the court believed that these actions went against everything Rasputin stood for. Rasputin was supposed to be this pious individual who had some divine connection. Among these rumours were the lingering ones related to an affair. There was gossip about his affair with the Russian Queen.

However, similar to much of his life, there is no significant historical proof of this happening. These were rumours made by people in his court, which were propagandized once the revolution happened to generate more anger towards the empire. Because of this propaganda, Rasputin and Alexandra are now forever cemented as those who destroyed the last Tsar’s empire.

Gay Feelings Between Yusupov And Rasputin

Truth and lies about amorous exploits of Grigori Rasputin 4
Prince Felix Yusupov and Princess Irina of Russia

Rasputin was involved in a gay relationship with Prince Felix Yusupov. What is important to note here is that this was not a mutual relationship. Felix planned to kill Rasputin once he had gained his trust. This was, of course, for the cause of the revolution. They wanted to get rid of an individual so connected to the Russian Empire. According to the Historian Bernard Pares, “Yusupov’s plan, as he described it in his book, was to seek closer acquaintance with the healer Grigori Rasputin, and win his confidence. He asked Rasputin to cure a slight sickness of which he suffered.” This is where the relationship began.

As Grand Duke Nikholai Mikhailovic suggests in his diary that Felix told him the entire story. He told Nikholai his plan of befriending Rasputin and eventually gaining his trust. They met each other almost every day, talking about everything that happened to them in their day.

Rasputin told Yusupov his secrets and the empire’s secrets. He told him things that he probably should not have said and not hesitating while doing it. All of these leads Mikhailovic to believe that Rasputin had taken an infatuation towards Yusupov. He was sexually attracted to Yusupov, and it will not be surprising if they had shown physical manifestations of this infatuation.

Mikhailovich theorizes that while Rasputin was infatuated by Yusupov, it is quite likely that the Gay feelings between Yusupov and Rasputin were just one-sided. Despite Yusupov’s reputation of living a lavish life, it is possible that he just saw these advances by Rasputin as a means to an end ― the end of Rasputin and the Russian empire.

Regular Meetings With Prostitutes And Rumors About Giant Penis Size

Truth and lies about amorous exploits of Grigori Rasputin 5
Rasputin and his admirers, 1914.

History has a bizarre way of shaping people; it doesn’t like to the outside world. The ‘mad monk’ of Russia, Rasputin, was known to have regular meetings with prostitutes, and there were rumours about him having a giant penis. Rasputin’s relationship with his prostitutes had made him infamous for having a giant penis. Besides all the reverence he got for being a pious man, he did have regular meetings with prostitutes as he drank his way through life. This eccentric nature of his is what made him so unpopular.

According to legends, his penis is still preserved in an erotica museum somewhere in St. Petersburg. Legends also state that this organ was passed on to many people until his daughter’s death.

Romance And Love Affairs In Modern World

Well, what can you take from this history? What can an average man possibly learn from the history of a mad Russian monk? First of all, we believe that there is a message of restraint and awareness hidden somewhere here. However, if we want to look at some more practical modern uses of this story, according to, passion for mysteries may help you resonate with likeminded people and break the ice at first contact. So, learning about historical moments like these can help you take the next step in your social interactions. Though, if we are at the topic of romance and love affairs in the modern world, it is fascinating to note the differences in romance in the modern world compared to Rasputin’s time.

A Bizarre Fact About Rasputin’s Death

According to Rasputin’s murderer, Felix Yusupov, Rasputin consumed tea, cakes, and wine which had been laced with cyanide but he did not appear to be affected by the poison. He was then shot once in the chest and believed to be dead but, after a while, he leapt up and attacked Yusupov, he freed himself and fled. Rasputin followed and made it into the courtyard before being shot again and collapsing into a snowbank. The conspirators then wrapped Rasputin’s body and dropped it into the Malaya Nevka River. Rasputin allegedly died on December 17, 1916.

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