10 Most Infamous Unsolved Cases Of Child Murders & Missings

We live in a true horror world where innocent children are preyed upon, abducted, raped, assaulted and murdered. These crimes become even scarier when they go unsolved. Police spend decades trying to bring closure to families, and parents die without ever knowing who was responsible for all their miseries.

On this list are 10 most infamous unsolved cases of child murders and missing that once shocked the world.

1 | The Sodder Children Just Evaporated

The missing Sodder children (From left): Jennie Irene, Martha Lee, Maurice, Betty Dolly and Louis

Four of George and Jennie Sodder’s nine children managed to get out when their house burned down in 1945, the other five were never found, either alive or dead. In 1967, the Sodders got a photo in the mail, supposedly of their now-adult son Louis but the detective they hired to look into it disappeared himself.

2 | “Little Lord Fauntleroy” Was Never Identified

Little Lord Fauntleroy

A boy about 6 years old, killed by a blow to the head, was fished from a pond in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1921. Because of his expensive clothes, he was dubbed “Little Lord Fauntleroy.” Almost 100 years later, we still have no idea who he was or how he got there.

3 | “America’s Unknown Child” Is Still Unknown

The boy in the Box

The “Boy in the Box” is the name given to a 3 to 7-year-old unidentified murder victim, whose naked, battered body was found in a cardboard box in the woods near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in February 1957. Today his headstone only says “America’s Unknown Child.” The boy shown in the above photo is a facial reconstruction suggesting what America’s Unknown Child looked like.

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4 | Zach Ramsay May Or May Not Be A Victim Of Cannibalism

When 10-year-old Ramsay disappeared In 1996, known child molester Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was a suspect. Police found Zach’s name on a list of victims in Bar-Jonah’s apartment, along with ghastly recipes involving children, written in code. However, the evidence was never conclusive.

5 | The Case Of Baby Victor

On March 14, 1986, the body of a newborn baby boy was found on the ground at Lake Mohegan. The infant was wrapped in pyjamas, laid down on burlap, and covered in plastic. Surrounding him were coins, scraps of food and fruit. The autopsy report showed, Baby Victor, named by police, died of suffocation. His injuries included face mutilations and a broken jaw. The case and his actual identity have never been solved.

6 | The Disappearance Of Shinya Matsuoka Within 40 Seconds

It happened in Japan. On March 7, 1989, 4-year-old Shinya Matsuoka went for a walk with her parents, siblings, and cousin. Upon returning home, Matsuoka was left alone in the front yard for about 40 seconds while her parents carried her younger sibling inside. During this short time, Matsuoka disappeared. An extensive police search turned up nothing. The only potential clue was a strange phone call from someone telling them that the parents of students in their daughter’s kindergarten class needed to make a payment. No such payment was due, but it was never determined whether the call was connected to the disappearance.

7 | No One Knows (Or Will Tell) What Happened To Garnell Moore

Garnell Moore

Garnell went missing in Baltimore in 2002, when he was seven but his disappearance wasn’t reported until 2005. His aunt, who was taking care of him, can’t keep her story straight about what became of him. Garnell’s whereabouts remain an unsolved mystery.

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8 | Little Miss Nobody

Little Miss Nobody

In a small grave in Yavapai County, Arizona lies the remains of Little Miss Nobody. She was found just off Alamo Road on July 31, 1960, and believed to have been between 5 and 7 years old. Her hair had been dyed and her finger- and toenails painted red. Her cause of death remains undetermined, but officials agree that it was a homicide. No suspects were ever arrested, Little Miss Nobody has never been identified and her relatives have remained unknown.

9 | The Oakland County Child Killer Was Never Found

Photo Credit: Twitter @thewakeupcall09

Four children from the Detroit area, aged 10 to 12, were murdered in the years of 1976 and 1977. All their bodies were left in public areas, once within sight of a police station. Even, one of the victims had been given fried chicken after his parents pleaded on TV for him to come home to his favourite meal, KFC. The killer was never identified.

10 | Yuki Onishi Vanished Into The Thin Air

On April 29, 2005, Yuki Onishi, a five-year-old Japanese girl, was digging up bamboo shoots to celebrate Greenery Day. After finding her first shoot and showing it to her mother, she ran off to find more. About 20 minutes later, her mother realized she was not with the other diggers and a search began. A police dog was brought in to track the scent; it reached a spot in the nearby forest and then stopped. Four other dogs were brought in, and all led the search party to the same exact spot. No trace of Yuki has ever been found, it’s as if she just disappeared into the thin air!

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