The Haunted Women’s Restroom In Hotel Captain Cook Of Alaska

Hotels are basically established to provide luxurious lodging, delicious foods and all comforts to the travellers. But there are few people who have an affection especially to those hotels which also share spooky moments with their guests. They are fascinated with panicky feeling of being watched, the disembodied voices and a shadow at the foot of the bed. They just love to experience a daring night at a haunted hotel.

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So if you also belong to this group of curious people and live in the United States, it’s easy for you to find out such exceptional eerie places and even you could feel like you’re travelling back in time at many of these United States’ most haunted hotels. Therefore, the Hotel Captain Cook which is one of the most well known haunted hotels in Alaska, is significantly one of them that you should check in today.

The guests and staff of this hotel occasionally witness the apparition of a lady in a white dress hanging around in the hotel’s women-restroom. They often report that the doors of the room open and close on their own and the lights keep turning off and on without any viable reason.

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Even, once a sceptic on his tour spent one night in the alleged women’s restroom and snapped a photo over the top of the stall, as did others. Everyone else’s photo was of an empty stall but particularly in his photo, it seemed like a fog of angel-hair all over the floor.

There’s a bathroom located on the bottom floor next to the hair salon below the 5th Ave entrance, where many people have experienced various paranormal activities. They claim to hear the toilet flush, and water turning on and off when no one was there. They also hear the sounds of opening and closing the door to the bathroom creaks very loudly when actually no one entered or left hall.

It is believed that the restless spirit of a lady is bound to the hotel because, in 1972, she committed suicide in a certain stall of the women’s restroom. Whereas, many also claim that there were actually two different women that killed themselves in the same stall. The stall is now locked from the inside, so no one can get in.

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