The Exceptional Natchez Grave In Mississippi

This strange looking grave belongs to the Natchez City Cemetery of Mississippi located in the United States. Since it was built during the 19th century, the grave has been conveying a tragic memory of a loving mother, Mrs Ford, who had lost her 10-year-old pretty daughter Florence Irene Ford. It was the time when millions of people from all over the world were dying due to common fever and infectious diseases. Unfortunately, after suffering from severe yellow fever, little Florence had also left this world forever.

In the picture of her grave, you can notice a staircase goes down to the dead body’s head and there’s also a window at the head of the coffin.

Now all of you have the questions that why this grave’s appearance is so exceptional? and what’s the actual history that made it like this?

Florence, the little girl was terribly afraid of thunderstorms and always ran to her mother for comfort in such circumstances when she was alive. Keeping this in mind, her emotional mother Mrs Ford had built this peculiar grave design so that she can give her presence in stormy weather which Florence feared most in life. Actually, the window was present at the head of the coffin, so she could look upon her daughter during these times, and the metal doors above could be closed to protect her from the weather.

Now another question arising in your mind that is it really possible, the same fear and insecurity are transferred to the spirit after death?

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According to some paranormal studies, after a man dies, some of his fears, grief and intense feelings are often overlooked by what is perceived by their various activities. So if we think in this way, we can’t deny the reasonable cause behind the pathetic emotion of Mrs Ford attached to the exceptional Natchez grave.

However, Mrs Ford herself is long gone, and the window at the bottom of the steps has now been concreted over to prevent vandalism of Florence’s coffin. However, the steps are still present. A small concrete cherub now looks over Florence’s grave. But many people still witness of being felt a push or a hand on their shoulder near this Natchez grave. May be Mrs Ford still is there giving assurance of comfort to her loving daughter.
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