Jatinga Bird Suicide Mystery

The small village of Jatinga situated in the State of Assam, in India is a place of natural beauty that seems like any other quiet-isolated village in the world except for one thing, every year around the months of September and October especially at the moonless-foggy dark night when the nature is covered in silence, hundreds of birds descend to their death within its city limits.

What Makes The Jatinga Bird Suicide Phenomena More Mysterious?

jatinga birds suicide phenomena
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To make things even stranger the unusual incident occurs only between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. across a roughly one-mile long strip of land. This phenomenon is confined to every single species of birds found in this area. Nowadays, Jatinga valley is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Assam for this strange phenomenon of birds “committing suicide”.

Theories Behind Jatinga Bird Suicide Mystery:

According to many Ornithologists and Naturalists, the birds are mostly juveniles and local migrants, so when they start to migrate south at the end of monsoon, they are disturbed by the high-velocity winds at their roost and hit with the high bamboo shoots of the alleged region in which they dive to their deaths.

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It can never be denied that the disorientation at high altitudes and high-speed winds due to the widespread fog characteristic at the time may be the actual reason behind this strange phenomenon and for which almost the similar incidents are seen to be happening in Malaysia, Philippines, Mizoram and in some other places too. However, within a certain circumstance, following the rules perfectly, it doesn’t happen anywhere except in the Valley of Jatinga.

A Video Summary Of The Jatinga Bird Suicide Mystery:

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