The Castle of Edinburgh – Europe’s most haunted historical place

The Castle of Edinburgh – Europe's most haunted historical place 5

The Castle of Edinburgh is lying on a prehistoric site dating back to the Iron Age and prevailed over the skyline of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Many people believe it to be the most haunted city on Earth. If we go back to its history, we can find the Castle of Edinburgh has seen uncountable gruesome tortures, bloody battles and deaths during its time.

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In the present day, the castle is used as a great tourist destination. But, visitors and staff often claim to have experienced the feeling of being touched and pulled when no one is around within the castle premises. Some of them also report having seen strange apparitions inside the castle hall.

Spirits that have been witnessed repeatedly including: An old man in the apron, a beheaded drummer boy, and a bagpiper boy who once mysteriously ended his life after getting lost inside the tunnels underneath the castle.

Other unexplained phenomena such as shadowy figures, strange lights, white mists, sudden drops in the temperature, disembodied footsteps, strange whispers, feeling of being watched or a sudden sense of dread, sadness and despair often occur within the castle premises. It is said that the atmosphere of the Castle of Edinburgh is entirely haunted which leads people to scare this wondrous historical place.


  1. Right city, wrong place for most of your descriptions of the hauntings of Edinburgh castle. The drummer boy and lone piper happen from roughly around the Tron. If you go to Greyfriars Kirk yard you will find most of your hauntings.

  2. The ghostly bagpiper boy & the headless drummer boy of Edinburgh Castle

    One of Edinburgh Castle’s most famous ghost stories concerns a young bagpiper who disappeared without a trace.

    Several hundred years ago, some secret tunnels were found beneath Edinburgh Castle, leading towards Holyrood House at the bottom of the Royal Mile.

    As the opening to the tunnel was so small, a young boy was sent down with his bagpipes to investigate.

    He played the pipes loudly as he walked through the tunnel, so people above ground could work out where the tunnel went.

    The pipes stopped abruptly when they reached the Tron Kirk and, although search parties were sent to find the boy, he was never seen again.

    With the piper presumed dead, the tunnel was blocked up – but many people still report hearing the faint, ghostly sound of underground bagpipes to this day.

    Others have allegedly heard the sound of drums around Edinburgh Castle, with a few visitors even claiming they caught a glimpse of a headless drummer boy.

    Legend has it that whenever the drummer boy’s ghost is spotted, the castle is about to come under attack – he was first seen in 1650, shortly before Oliver Cromwell attacked Edinburgh Castle.

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