The Curse Of The Devil’s Tree

There is a stately abandoned oak tree, towering in the desolate field of Somerset County, New Jersey, in the U.S. state of Florida, that appears to be awfully spooky if someone will suddenly see it in a dusky evening, and the appearance becomes more disturbing when some bloody histories and local legends circumstanced this tree begin to rise in freaky mind, especially those bizarre events that have led this tree to be called “The Devil’s Tree.”
The legend has it that the tree carries a terrible curse, with the potential to harm or even kill anyone who dares to damage or deface it or to do anything wrong with it. Besides its macabre curse, the locals have witnessed another strange phenomenon is that the snowfall never stays on the ground beneath the Devil’s Tree even in the season of extreme winter. It seems like the earth emanates an unnatural heat from that certain area, so, many people believe that the tree’s roots extend straight down to the Hell itself. Also, there is a mysterious stone boulder right below the tree called the heat rock or the devil’s rock which is unusually warmer than the rest of the area.
It is also said that the Devil’s Tree is haunted by those dead African-Americans who were oppressively lynched there by vigilante mobs. Some people who put up their ears on the trunk even claim that they can hear screaming and begging from the trapped souls inside the tree.

A popular sad story centred on the Devil’s Tree can often be heard that once a farmer who owned a large piece of land in this area, went bankrupt during the great depression, and he was even unable to feed his wife and kids. In this worst condition, the farmer brought his family here on a nice day for a picnic, after that he killed them all and then hung himself on the tree. Today, this solitary oak tree conveys the pains of countless homicides and suicides which may be causing the tree having a lot of negative energy, and that’s why many Devil-Worshippers come here after midnight to use this evil energy by placing weird objects in the tree for a full lunar cycle, believing that the trapped souls will transfer their energy on the object which will intentionally bring misfortune to their enemies.

The another legend has it that who visits the Devil’s Tree after dark, get followed by a big black truck while driving back. This story seems to have many eyewitness accounts and it has been happening for many years. It is said that the truck will follow them up until a certain point and after the road bends, where they won’t see it. Sometimes they have to even face a terrible and tragic accident. There is several reports where some people who tried to cut or harm this tree, had to die in the bizarre ways within a few days, whereas some become seriously ill and their hands become blackened inexplicably.
About a decade ago, the township planned to develop the land where the Devil’s Tree is located might have required its removal, but they later decided to protect the tree and keep it intact. In the year of 2007, a sign was posted in this regard at the site stating when it is open to the public and it becomes very popular as the adventurous paranormal destination. Nowadays, the Devil’s Tree is surrounded by a chain-link fence to protect the tree as well as the curious visitors and the naysayers who can get in trouble with the tree.
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