The Ghostly Affairs Of The Jenny Dixon Beach

The Jenny Dixon Beach, NSW Coast, Australia has uncountable reports of ghostly affairs and numerous people are trying to solve the weird mysteries of this alleged area and its creepy legends. No one knows these strange ghost stories are based on the real events or these are just some urban legends that have merely been rumouring from the age of ages as the true incidents.

Before the lighthouse being built, many ships grounded along this badly remarked stretch of the NSW Coast. This coastline has taken many lives by drowning the ships and those unsatisfied spirits are believed to be still searching the rest-place beside this so-called Jenny Dixon Beach.

The ghostly encounter legends of this beach come from two local stories from two different incidents that occurred over 100 years apart.

Here, the first one is going with a real experience of Raymond Grove and his friends. Raymond has been taking a keen interest in this notorious place from the mysterious incident that they witnessed in 1973.
According to Raymond, he and his friends were having a party at Jenny Dixon Beach. After the party was over, most of them had left but Raymond and his mates decided to spend that night at the beach and they slept by the campfire.
When Raymond was almost asleep, suddenly his sleep was broken only to notice a woman in the 1800s era’s long flowing dress who was coming from the nearby bush.

Her arms were outstretched seemed like she was seeking their help. Raymond woke the other three up and obviously they were all frightened and were taken aback by the ghostly woman appearance because they knew it was not okay in any way to see a woman there at the mid of the night. They were really scared more when one of them began to throw burning sticks from the fire at that woman, but the pieces of wood passed straight through her. Then they terrifyingly began to run as fast as they could back up the stairs to the car-park. There are quite a lot of stairs to climb before reaching the top at the Jenny Dixon Beach. When they had only descended about halfway, they decided to take one last look to see if she was still there and slowly headed back down, right then, they saw her standing in front of them blocking the stairs. She seemed to be beckoning for them to come with her, but Raymond and his friends were so terrified that there was no way they were going to hang around that place a minute longer. They tried to reach their homes as soon as possible.
Raymond has spent much of his life in the quest for the identity of that ghostly woman. He believes it was a loving mother’s soul that is searching her adorable son who went overboard when shipwreck was happening. Actually, it may be that she still beseeches help to find her lost child by stretching her hands towards that’s why the white lady has often appeared in front of numerous witnesses at the Jenny Dixon Beach.

The next legend of Jenny Dixon Beach is a very painful story of a young beautiful lady who was one day returning home and waiting for a lift at the Wilfred Barrett Drive near the beach area. Suddenly a gang of men took her in the car and raped her forcefully and beaten her as much they can. Finally, left her with immeasurable pain for death at this beach. At her final time in the hospital, she promised to take revenge, and she would punish them all.
A few weeks later, the alleged assailants died in different mysterious ways. The first young guy died by hanging himself after the long harassment by a spirit. The second person had got a fatal car accident without any reason. The third and fourth had also got surprising car accident after a mental torture by ghost sightings. The fifth person no guilty blew his head by a shotgun with a crazy mind.
It is said that the unsatisfied spirit of that lady still seeks help at the Wilfred Barrett Drive. According to many witnesses, she appears as a hitchhiker and insists on sitting in the back seat. After a while, she mysteriously disappears when the car reaches to the Nora head cemetery where assumed the lady was buried. Maybe that young girl comes to the beach to find help from people.
At least, more than 40 such strange ghostly hitchhiker-encounters have happened there and it’s still happening. The question is: does there really exist any ghost to make people afraid of after revenge?? or, something beyond is there???!! And lastly to say that this wonderful place is indeed a fascinating destination for ghost lovers and investigators, or for a lone traveller too.
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