A Message From Mars ― An Outer Space Stone Engraved With Strange Hieroglyphics

In 1908, in the vicinity of the Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island, in the British Columbia, Canada, while Willie McKinnon, the 14-year-old son of Mr. Angus McKinnon was working in his father’s garden around half past 11 o’clock, a meteor about 10 inches in diameter was hurled through space and buried itself in the ground about eight feet from where he was standing. Luckily, he was not injured by the meteorite.

outer space stone with hieroglyphics
This isn’t that alleged stone found in Cowichan Valley, but resembles it. This clay seal is made by Rama

Willie immediately called his father to see what happened and when Mr. McKinnon came to the spot, he was shocked to find that the meteor was almost as round as marble and the hot surface was deeply scored with what resembled hieroglyphics.

This startling story was published as a front-page newspaper article of Sept. 5, 1908, entitled, “A Message From Mars”.

Since this weird incident, Mr. McKinnon spent most of his life in trying to decipher the strange markings on the mysterious stone. However, the strange outer space stone appears to never been examined because of its any research paper has not been yet found.

In the present day, its actual location is unknown and the miracle stone of Cowichan remains an unexplained mystery.

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This fascinating story was recently published at the Cowichan Valley Citizen in Jan 2015, by TW Patterson who has been writing about British Columbia history for 50 years.

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