The Rain Man – unsolved mystery of Don Decker

The Rain Man – unsolved mystery of Don Decker 1

History says, humans were always fascinated in trying to control over surroundings and natural phenomena with their minds. Some have tried to control over the fire whereas some have tried over the weather but till this date, none has so far been able to do so. However, an extraordinary event centred on an 80s prisoner, Don Decker’s life claims such strange thing to happen in the real life.

Don Decker, who was said to have acquired control over the surrounding-weather to make rains whenever he wanted or wherever he wanted. The strange ability makes him famous all over the world with the name of “The Rain Man“.

Don Decker, The Rain Man

It all started on February 24th, 1983 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, in the United States, when Decker’s grandfather, James Kishaugh passed away. While others mourned, Don Decker was feeling a sense of peace for the very first time. What the others didn’t know, was that James Kishaugh had physically abused since he was a young child.

Despite being in the jail, Decker got a furlough to attend his dead grandfather’s funeral for 7 days. But Decker’s sense of peace would not have to stay for long.

After the funeral, Bob and Jeannie Keiffer who were the family friends of Don Decker invited him at their home to stay at the night. While having their dinner Decker continued to stew over the memories that had been brought back up during the funeral. He excused himself from the table to go to the bathroom, so he could collect himself and calm down.

According to him, due to being alone he gradually became emotional and his feelings started to enclose his entity. As this occurred, the room temperature drastically dropped, and decker observed the mystic image of an old man like his grandfather but wearing a crown. Following this he felt a sharp pain in his arm, and looking down he saw three bloody scratch marks. Looking back up the figure was gone. Puzzled, he went back downstairs and rejoined his friends back at the dinner table. At this point, throughout the meal, Decker went into an almost trance-like experience, where he was unable to do anything except staring.

After a while, some more strange happenings began to occur ― water slowly drips from the wall and ceiling, and light mist would form on the ground.

They called the building landlord to see to the water problem and soon the landlord came with his wife and they checked the entire house but couldn’t find a reasonable cause for the water leakage, because all the plumbing pipes were actually located at the other side of the building. Then they called the police to investigate what was actually going on. It was patrolman Richard Wolbert who was the first to arrive at the scene. It only took a few minutes for patrolman Wolbert to become drenched in water after entering the home. Later, Wolbert described what he saw at the night he entered the Keiffer house.

According to Wolbert, they were standing just inside the front door and met this droplet of water traveling horizontally. It passed between them and just traveled out into the next room.

Officer John Baujan who had come to join in the investigation with Wolbert also witnessed the strange phenomenon at the house. He stated that when he had entered the Keiffer House, he was literally chilled to the spine, making the hair stand up on his neck, and he went into a speechless state of wonder.

As Officer Baujan could not understand anything what was happening there, he advised the Keiffers to take Decker out of the home and sit down at the nearby pizzeria. As soon as they left, the house returned to normal.

Pam Scrofano, who owned the pizza restaurant, saw Decker entering the restaurant in a zombie-like state. Moments after the Keiffers and Decker sat down, they noticed the same thing began to occur at the pizzeria. Water began to fall on their heads and spread across the floor. Pam immediately ran to her register and pulled out her crucifix and placed it on Decker’s skin, suspecting he was possessed. Decker reacted instantly because the crucifix had apparently burned his flesh.

At this point, it was no longer possible to stay at the pizzeria. Bob and Jeannie Keiffer decided to take Decker back to their home. As soon as they left the pizzeria, the rain stopped falling.

At the Keiffer’s residence, as soon as the Keiffers and Decker entered the home, the rain started again to fall. But this time pots and pans could also be heard rattling in the kitchen. Finally, the landlord and his wife believed Decker was playing some kind of practical joke only to damage their property.

Then things took a dramatic and violent turn. Decker suddenly felt himself levitate off the ground and was forcibly pushed against the wall by some unseen force. Not long after, officers Baujan and Wolbert returned to the Keiffer Residence with their Chief Head but they could not find anything unusual. So, the Chief concluded the event as a plumbing problem and advised to forget it. Perhaps due to curiosity, the police officers ignored their Chief and returned the following day with Lt. John Rundle and Bill Davies to see how things were going.

When the three officers arrived at the home they were pleased to note that things appeared to have settled down.  Then, Bill Davies conducted his own experiment and placed a gold cross in Don Decker’s hands.  Davies recalled Decker stating it was burning him, so Davies took the cross back. The police officers then saw Decker levitate once again and fly against an interior wall.

According to Lt. John Rundle’s description, in all of a sudden, Decker lifted up off the ground and flew across the room with enough force, seemed like a bus had hit him. There were three claw marks on the side of Decker’s neck, which drew blood, and Rundle has no answer for it whatsoever. He just draws a blank, even today.

After that, the landlord realized the actual condition of Don Decker and wanted to help him to free from the trouble, so he called every preacher in Stroudsburg and was declined by most. However, one came to the house and she prayed with Decker. Then gradually, Decker seemed to be himself once again, and it never rained in the home.

Wait, the story is not dead here!!

Don Decker’s furlough was over and it was time to go back to the jail. While in his cell, Decker had a thought. He wondered if he could control the rain; actually, it was normal to be, who really does not have this wish?? As soon as he started thinking about it, the cell ceiling and walls incredibly began dripping water. Decker immediately got his answer, so now he could control the rain whenever and wherever he wants.

The prison guard making his rounds was not happy when he saw all the water flooding the cell. He didn’t believe it when Decker told him he willed the rain with his mind. The guard sarcastically challenged Decker and stated if he indeed had these powers to control rain, then make it rain in the warden’s office. Decker obliged.

The guard made his way to the warden’s office, where the position of warden was temporarily manned by LT. David Keenhold. Keenhold had no idea who Don Decker was or anything regarding what occurred at the Keiffer residence and pizzeria. When the guard entered the office, he saw Keenhold was sitting alone at his desk. The guard further looked around, inspecting the room until he saw Keenhold closely. He asked Keenhold to look at his shirt, it was soaked in water!

The warden stated that right about the centre of his sternum, about four inches long, two inches wide, he was just saturated with water. He was startled and truly scared. The officer was also frightened at that time, and he just didn’t have an explanation why or how did it happen.

LT. Keenhold, finally after understanding what was going on, called his friend reverend William Blackburn and urgently asked him to see Don Decker. Reverend Blackburn agreed and approached Don Decker’s cell. Upon being briefed on everything that transpired since Decker went on furlough, the reverend accused him of making everything up. This accusation did not sit well with Decker. His demeanour changed and his cell suddenly became filled with a strong odour. Some witnesses described the smell as that of dead, but multiplied by five. Then the rain reappeared once again. It was a misty rain described by the reverend as the Devil’s rain.

Reverend Blackburn finally understood that this was not a hoax. He began praying for Decker and he sat in that cell praying with him for hours. And finally, it happened. The rain stopped and Don Decker broke down into tears. Whatever it was that affected Decker, it never manifested itself again. Decker stated that he was hopeful this will never happen again. He said his grandfather abused him once and he had a chance to abuse him again. All he wants is peace.

The paranormal incident described above was aired on the renowned tv show Unsolved Mysteries on February 10, 1993, and earned popularity from all around the world.

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