David Allen Kirwan – The Man Who Died After Jumping Into A Hot Spring!

It was a pleasant morning of 20th July 1981, when a 24-year-old guy David Allen Kirwan from La Cañada Flintridge was driving through Yellowstone’s Fountain Paint Pot thermal area in Wyoming, along with his friend Ronald Ratliff and Ratliff’s dog Moosie. But they had never thought they would soon encounter the most horrific incident of their life.

Yellowstone’s Fountain Paint Pot

After reaching the destination point, at the mid of the day, they parked their truck and got out for hot springs exploration. Eventually, when they walked a little distance away from their truck, in all of sudden, Moosie escaped from the truck, running towards only to jump into the nearby Celestine Pool – a thermal spring whose water temperature is always measured at above 200°F – then began to yelping.

They rushed over to the pool to aid their dog in trouble, and Kirwan’s attitude was showing like he was about to go into the hot spring after it. According to the seers, several people including his friend tried to warn Kirwan off by yelling at him not to jump in, but he shouted with unrest, “Like hell I won’t!”, then he took his two steps into the pool and shortly dove his head-first into the boiling spring!

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Kirwan swam and reached to the dog and attempted to take it to shore; after that, he disappeared underwater, after letting go of the dog he tried to climb himself out of the spring. Ratliff helped to pull Kirwan out of the hot spring, resulting in severe burns to his own feet. While other bystanders led Kirwan to a nearby open-place, trying to provide him with some comfort until the ambulance came. At that time, he was reportedly muttering, “That was stupid. How bad am I? That was a stupid thing I did.”

Kirwan was indeed in a very bad appearance. His eyes were whitish and blind, the hair of his head was dropping itself, and when a park visitor tried to remove one of his shoes, his skin – which had already started to peel everywhere – had come off with it. He underwent a third-degree burn to 100% of his body. After spending some distressful hours, the next morning David Kirwan died at a Salt Lake City hospital. Moosie also did not survive. Her body was never recovered.

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