Haunted Dumas Beach In Gujrat

India, the country which is filled with thousands of weird and mysterious places, and a number of spooky phenomena that always haunt these spots. Few of these sites such as The Cursed Bhangarh Fort and The Kuldhara village in Rajasthan, Agrasen Ki Baoli in Delhi and Dow Hill of Kurseong are widely famous for being in the list of the most haunted places in the world. While some are just hidden inside the crowd of this large country, and the Dumas Beach in Gujarat is significantly one of them. Legend has it that when the beach becomes totally lonesome, it blows a dreadful air all over its stretch that has engulfed countless number of living souls.


Situated along the Arabian Seashore, Dumas Beach is bound with a charming beauty of its black sand and silver water, where thousands of tourists make crowd during the daytime. But when the sun drowns into the dark water, the scene becomes quite different. All the people start leaving the beach area as soon as they can because the place has earned enough infamy for the spooky activities within its limits that are said to occur after the dark.

Spooky Stories Behind The Haunted Dumas Beach:

Once used to be a burning ghat and burial ground for the Hindus, Dumas Beach is said to still blow the eerie memories on its winds. Both the morning walkers and the tourists often hear the strange cries and whispers at this beach.

It is said that a lot of people went missing there after they had set out on a nighttime walk, exploring the mysterious beauty of the beach. Even, the dogs also feel the presence of something unworldly there and bark at the air in warning to keep their owners from harm. Whereas a few years ago, a group of friends went there one night to investigate the paranormal claims and clicked some photos with orbs and unexplained lights.

Apart from these, there is an abandoned Haveli (Mansion) situated on the beach which looks enough creepy to scare anyone in the dark of the night. And the locals assert that the building is extremely haunted by some evil entities so they never dare to visit it. Some of the locals and tourists even claim to have seen an apparition standing at the balcony of the mansion.

A Perfect Destination For The Paranormal Tour In India:

However, if you are a true paranormal lover, you should go and visit this strange place for once at least. No doubt you will enjoy its calm beauty as well as you may collect a new experience of your haunted tours. Therefore first you have to know the proper address of Haunted Dumas Beach. There are a few beaches in Dumas region but you have to find the fourth one which is said to be the most haunted among all and is known to a very few people.

How to reach the Dumas Beach:

Reaching Dumas Beach is easily accessible as there are available many options with various facilities of getting here. The urban beach is located 21 km southwest of the City of Surat in the Indian state of Gujrat and it takes just half an hour to get here. It’s a very popular tourist destination in Gujrat so you don’t have to search this place too much. You could find various local transports for Dumas Beach that are available anywhere in the main city of Surat. But our advice is not to go to this place alone after the dark. Ghosts or not this weird place has seen many disappearances and miseries so beware of these things before you take any decision.

Here, you could find the Haunted Dumas Beach on the Google Maps:

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